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Mina Aino/Sailor Venus

You're thinking I'm just a pretty blond, in my case what you see's definately not what you get, Sailor V is for Victory! I'm Sailor Venus!

English Name: Mina Aino

Japanese Name: Aino Minako

Means: Love for Everyone

Birthday: October 22

Favorite Colors: Yellow and Red

Favorite Food: Pasta, specifically Ramen?

Least Favorite Food: Mushrooms

Favorite Subject: Phy. Ed.

Least Favorite Subject: Mathematics

Hobbies: Sports, volleyball

Ambition: To be an idol/star.

Gemstone: Topaz

Mina was discovered as Sailor V, long before Sailor Moon even met Luna. And Serena was totally obsessed with Sailor V. Mina isn't from Japan. She is from England. That is where Artemis found her and told her about her destiny as a Sailor Scout, Artemis is Venus's gaurdian cat. In England Mina played volleyball, and was awesome at it. This is when she was discovered to be a Sailor Scout.

When she was in seventh grade, during gym, she met a cute little cat with a crescent moon on his head. This cat was Artemis. He told her of her destiny to be a Sailor Scout, and she soon became the defender of Venus, and love. She was known to all in England as Sailor V! And her outfit was way different from Sailor Venus's. Like Sailor Moon she had a blue skirt, and red front ribbon. She also had a little red streak at the end of her skirt, the outfit was two pieces, and she had a mask to disguise herself. The only thing that is probably the same between the two outfits is her big red hairbow.

But this whole Sailor V thing really effected Mina's life. She had pratically no time for homework, or little else. Her grades dropped and she lost a lor of friends. She became almost an outcast. People where mean to her, and thought that she was some kind of weirdo who didn't like to be around people. They had no idea she was the one protecting them from the monsters that attacked their lives.

Two friends Mina was sure she could always count on where Katarina and Alan. Katarina was friend that helped Sailor V fight the villians, and Alan was someone that Mina liked a lot.

But there was something that drastically changed all this. One day Sailor V and Katarina where both involved in this really big fight with a villian together. Sailor V ran into a building to try and capture the villian, but the building collapsed upon her. Katarina thought that Sailor V had been killed, but Sailor V was fine, until she managed to crawl out of the building. She saw Alan hugging Katarina, and the hug appeared affectionate (at least to Mina) and she realized that Alan loved Katarina, and not Mina. So she fled to Japan, not letting either of them know she was alive, it would be easier that way, she thought, to let Alan go.

In Japan Mina meets up with the Sailor Scouts. The first episode she appears in is 'Sailor V makes a Scene.' She saves the scouts from a wicked attack and is from then on known as Sailor Venus!

Mina is probably known as a klutz to most people. She really brings that out in an episode called 'No Thanks Nurse Venus.' She trys to help out the scouts with a nasty flu bug they all have, and is assisted by Rini. They make total klutz's of themselves but in the end, Sailor Venus saves the day!


Mina is a totally awesome person, really friendly, and right to the point. She has so much to be proud of, and a great personality.


Mina Aino Sailor V Sailor Venus Super Sailor Venus


English Japanese Picture Description
Venus Power! Venus Power Make UP! Mina/Minako shouts this to transform into Sailor Venus in the first season of Sailor Moon.
Venus Star Power! Venus Star Power Make UP! Mina/Minako shouts this to transform into Sailor Venus in the 2nd and 3rd seasons of Sailor Moon.
n/a Venus Crystal Power Make UP! Mina shouts this to transform into Super Sailor Venus in the 4th and 5th seasons of Sailor Moon.



English Japanese Picture Description
Venus Crescent Beam Smash! Crescent Beam! Sailor Venus's first known attack. She'll point her finger in the air and two crescent moons back to back appear. Then she brings her finger down to point at the enemy and shoots a beam of light at them.
Venus Meteor Shower! Crescent Beam Shower! This is the same as the Crescent Beam attack, only when she attacks, the beam of light splits up into many, then came together into one big one before they hit the enemy.
Venus Love Chain Encircle! Venus Love Me Chain!   Venus puts her hands at her sides and a brush of air rushes up her. Then she lifts her arm into the air and a chain of hearts appears. She hurls the chain at the enemy.
n/a Venus Love n' Beauty Shock!   Venus winks, then blows a kiss that turns into a heart. She throws the heart to creat a ring of hearts around her, which then join into one big heart and hurls at the enemy.