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About Jorgito Vargas....                                                                                     

Jorgito Vargas Jr. is best known for his portrayal of "Auggie" on the television series "Higher Ground". He also co-starred as "Dim" in the NBC series "SK8".

Vargas' prolific film and television career includes roles in the feature "Excess Baggage" with Alicia Silverstone and Benecio Del Torro and in the television series "Dark Angel", "The Odyssey", "Millennium", "Viper", "Poltergeist" and "Stargate".

With a career spanning back to childhood, Vargas was also featured in popular series of the eighties including "MacGyver", "21 Jump Street" and "Booker". In addition to acting, Vargas is skilled in martial arts, skateboarding, skiing and soccer.

When not shooting "Power Rangers Ninja Storm", Vargas resides in Vancouver, Canada.


*Blake*                                                                               is the Navy Thunder Ninja Storm Ranger. His brother is Hunter. He and Hunter are adopted, and aren't themselves blood-related. Blake has been working under Lothor in his quest to conquer Earth. He tricked Tori into thinking he was knocked out in-order to gain access to Ninja Ops, and there he and Hunter kidnapped the Sensei. On the way while taking Sensei into the forest, he stated he was doing it out of revenge. Lothor told him that Sensei killed his parents, but found out from his parents himself in a hologram that it wasn't Sensei after all. Lothor was destroyed, and Hunter and Blake now are on their own quest.

Blake looks to have an interest in Tori, not just because he had to use her to get in Ninja Ops. He rides motocross along with his brother Hunter in the 250 class. Blake uses the Thunder Morpher to transform himself into the Navy Thunder Power Ranger and rides the mighty Tsunami Cycle.

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