True Thelema Magazine Interview with Hugin of Blodarv

First, your band Blodarv is a little unknown, therefore please tell us something about history of your band?

I started Blodarv as a solo band. Blodarv is my solo band that has been developed through all the bands I´ve played in since 1994. It is definitely the most personal of all my creations and I have laid all the experience and knowledge that I have gained the last 8 Years playing Black Metal into it. The first recordings were created when I had access to the right equipment and that was in 1999, that was when I started working on the recordings of "Murder in the name of Satan". But the tracks themself variates from different periods in my life..."Under Satans vinger" (Witch features on "Murder in the name of Satan" CDR ”) was a track I had created back in 1998. So its hard to say when Blodarv started taking form. Many of the ideas and especially some of the lyrics on "Murder in.." are actually pretty old (another example is the lyrics to "Six feed below as she wished for Death", witch were created in 1996), so you see there are incredible many parts from different years on both "Murder in…" and "Mysteriis", witch in my opinion has attributed to make Blodarv my most personal band ever! Blodarv is the very essence of my thoughts, my soul my Witches and demons and visions. But it also the tale bringer of the unspoken words beyond life, and by that I see Blodarv as a wire between the unknown and "reality", the powers that I pull down in Blodarv are very strong. To mention a little bit more about "Mysteriis", the second release it is as follows from 1999 to 2000. I started the recording for the second Blodarv demo CD ("Mysteriis") this was even an even harder release to get done then the first. Many months of work and soul has been put into this release, which I with no doubt can say became the ultimate demo release from my side ever, (at least that is in my opinion)I think I succeeded much better in creating the right atmosphere for the poetry and tales represented in "Mysteriis" than I did with "Murder in the name of Satan" !!I Had Danish Art of Agony (Nicolai Borg) doing the cover art (witch really has made a brilliant result), and I am 100% satisfied with all songs, lyrics and sound. Some of the tracks I would like to re-record in a different studio, so there could be a bit better sound, but as I said before, as for a demo CD I am 100% satisfied. News of Blodarv is that there will be a split release with Australian Baalberith (guitarist of Urgrund) out on Bleed Records (Australia) in March 2002 (available now!!!) released as BLEED 008, containing the most of the tracks from "Mysteriis", this time released on proper CD, as a split CD in many more copies. In all this split release will be about 60 minutes of great fucking Black Metal!! Also there will be the first Blodarv vinyl release (7"Ep) out on Shades of Autumn Prod (Finland) early 2002.This release will be titled "Heksen" and is the tale of Nitiria Amlech, the old witch with the soul that is forever there (from the tales of "Mysteriis"). There will be 2 tracks on this release, and it will have a playtime of 16 minutes. The tracks are "Heksen-Nitiria Amlech" and "Den jordfødte kællings hævn". Last mentioned is a new version of the track (originally on "Mysteriis") this time improved with a great intro and new elements, that completes another chapter In the tale of Nitiria Amlech. This will be a pure killer release of evil Demonical Black Metal. Anyway, I am constantly working on new tracks with Blodarv, and when "Mysteriis" where released I was already recording new tracks for the next release witch will be entitled "Beyond Life" and will be released as a 7” EP out on my own company, Hugin Productions in May 2002.This release will also feature Isaz from Feikn (and Denial of God) on female vocal…"Beyond Life" is the continuing tale of Nitiria Amlech, and her children, is the dark tale of the death of Linaria, (witch left this world by her own hand in January 2002). It focus on life, death and what comes after. It is the a very personal story that is very hard to explain in general words, but It can be done through music and poetry, and think the release does just that. Linaria was a queen of the witches, and I have tried to represent the emotions, sadness, joy, and powers that where released by her death. I have written in the words as the story developed and finally as the last words at the end came to me from beyond, the chapter of this story was completed and I know this was the last wish of Linaria, ‘cause she is with me now more than ever, as she choose to follow the road to the stars and to take her own life to enter the kingdom of souls that haunts for eternity. The 7” EP "Beyond Life" will be 16 minutes long. These new tracks are fucking mind-rippers, that will leave you possessed by the Demons of Blodarv. BE WARNED!! THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!!!

What inspired you for founding a black metal band, and what is black metal for you. Music or lifestyle?

When I started my first Black Metal band (Misanthropia/Skjold) in 1994, it was because I needed a way to express my thoughts and ideas and visions out to related souls. Metal, that unfortunately at that time were going downhill, was the style that came naturally to me since I´ve been listening to metal since I was very young, (actually since I was 10 years old, where I listened to stuff like Sodom, Bathory, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, Mercyful Fate etc) and didn´t like any other music form at all at that time. I also listened to bands later on such as Darkthrone, Burzum, Mayhem etc that became what you today label as old school Black Metal, but back then it was really something new, and only 1 other band (except from us) played this type of extreme metal in Denmark at that moment (Denial of God) and we had never heard of them at that time. We didn´t try to play Black Metal in a certain kind of way, it all came naturally to us. The lyrics and our ideas was the most important, and the metal that should fit it, also had to be extreme. Music or lifestyle??!..I guess it can be called a lifestyle, but one must remember that (at least in my case) that the lifestyle came before the music. The music was made to express our "life style". Again one must not forget that its more than just music, Its like entering a cirkle of development, meaning that the music does what it can to create and form you, and give you new ideas and visions and thoughts. Just as you´ll do your best to form and create the music, so that it becomes the sound of thy thoughts, and what you want to express, some of these thoughts and musical ideas where created by atmospheres reseasved under playing and therefore I speak of a cirkle of energies that takes from each others powers ..There are so many things that makes this music different from all other music styles, if you just listen to it "only" for the music, and don´t pay attention to the lyrical Universe, the atmospheres and the powers, I think one should stay the fuck away from Black Metal!.

The material on your second demo CDR “Mysteriis” is very dark and atmospheric...Are you satisfied with this material?

Yes I am very satisfied with this material which I have really put a lot of effort, soul and heart into. I used almost a year creating this CDR, and I think I really succeeded in creating a release that could be understood by the ones I wanted to get out to. "Mysteriis" took all my time working on it about 5 hours a day for 11 months. That values up to about: 1,700 hours of hard psychological and physical work layed into this release. Witch I also must admit is quite better than the
first CDR called “Murder in the name of Satan”, also released on Hugin Productions.

Many of your lyrics are in Danish, please tell us something about your lyrics and inspirations to them? I think the right definition of your music is old school Black Metal...Do you agree with this definition??

When we talk about Blodarv, I would not define it as old school Black Metal, at least not the musical concept. On the first release "Murder in the name of Satan", I used many different influences since I found these elements important to express my thoughts ideas and visions through the music. I used both Classical and Industrial parts on this first demo CD, and I wouldn´t say that it is typical old-school to use these elements in the music. "Mysteriis" was created without any of these elements, because it would have been wrong to the stories of this chapter to use too many programmed things and effects. Still there are many great links among these 2 demo CDs witch I see as the first 2 chapters in the book of the Mystical Universe of Blodarv. As for the lyrical Universe of Blodarv, it is a very special form, and all of the lyrics are written as poems of really strong emotions. Nothing is "easily" made, and everything has been thought of well, and been under a long process on its way to the final result. I think I have managed in creating a lyrical experience for the mind of the reader, like a good fairytale or adventure. A travel into other dimensions, a travel into the Mystical Universe of Blodarv. I was very satisfied when I had first finished Blodarv "Murder in the name of Satan", I really found out how to express myself much better both lyrically and musically during these recordings, but still the satisfaction of this release and the joy for the power of the songs, drove me to create another release, where I skipped a lot of tracks and only used the tracks that really were over satisfying for me to listen to, and also so that all of the tracks in their number of appearance and lyrically together could create the exact experience I wanted to give to the listener. I gathered a release of my best tracks, riffs and ideas up till now on "Mysteriis" I think. Anyway, It is really hard to explain my lyrics to the full in any other language than Danish (that’s of course why I used Danish lyrics for some of the tracks) but the tracks on “Mysteriis” In Danish are these:

"Den Jordfødte Kællings hævn", "Demonstormens tid", "Den røde sten", "Heksen"(Nitiria Amlech) and the secret track "Kaldet fra Fjeldet"..

These 5 tracks in Danish all links together, and are the tale of a little town blessed by the soul of Nitirias presence out in the woods where children disappear in cold lakes, and families are taken by the spirits that lives in the Northern sea. It is the tale a force and a power that has existed for centuries and more, a soul of a witch that still appears in young females even today, it´s about strong forces dwelling in nature and the atmosphere of the world, as well as in your head. It´s about losses, and despair, tragedies, and haunting souls and demons. Its about strong energies of our northern past, its a story to document that life as you know it is as an illusion.

On promo of “Mysteriis” it says “positive reviewed worldwide”...Tell us about reactions of fans to this material...

I have received enormous responses on both of the first Blodarv CDR’s, and I have not had one bad review about these demos…I am of course very satisfied with this, not only for the positive mag reviews, but also for individuals that has contacted me in the matter of Blodarv...It really satisfies me that there are people out there that seems to understand the idea of Blodarv, and to witch it really gives them something...I hoped during the hard work I had with this release that it
would be appreciated and taken in heart by the ones I wanted to reach and I must say that It holds the banner high that there are still souls out there that can see through all the bad empty bands infecting the World, and appreciates my music... I here pick out some lines from different Magz:

"Not the usual Danish shit...This is wicked and nasty Misanthropic Black Metal mixed in a wicked alliance with Ambient and industrial parts...This nasty demo is sounding extremely cool, grimm and cold the way we want Black Metal to be...I am anxious to experience a new demo from this cold and wicked band..." Oskorei Magazine Issue # 4 (Norway)

"These 2 demos of Blodarv belongs to the finest of Black Metal!! With haunting atmospheres, and grimm Black Metal!! This is very piercing and desolate!!" Ranking 10/10. Hermits Chant ‘zine Issue # 4 (Italy)

"Scandinavian sounding Black Metal This could be compared with actual Dødheimsgard!! Well-recorded with a good mix..." Franang ‘zine Issue # 5 (France)

"This Music is really amazing and brilliant, with a sound-recording that reminds of Grieghallen Rec. I just adore this work, and hope to listen to more from Blodarv as soon as possible" Ranking 10/10. Pagan Dark Witchcraft Issue # 3 (Italy)

"This is bitter and haunting in style, both Industrial as well as Black Metal!! The vocal sounds torturing and tortured at the same time…Indeed the best release of Hugin that I have heard up till now" Lady Elessar/Mandrake Mag (Holland)

Hugin, you are the only member of Blodarv...Is Blodarv a one man project, or will the band have a complete line-up in the future?

As I mentioned in the beginning, Blodarv is a solo band, and could be nothing else, since I couldn’t work with anyone on a full basis with such personal material as Blodarv is. When this is said, I should mention that on "Mysteriis" there are female vocal by Achtilil, this was very important for fitting the right expression into the music, and the tale. The newest Blodarv tracks witch will be released on 7” EP under the name of "Beyond life" features Isaz of Feikn and
Denial Of God on Witchy Female Vocals (as I also mentioned before), Isaz fits well into it, and she will be the one doing female / girls vocals on Blodarv track in the future if its needed, so you see the stories kind of creates the music, so lets wait and see what tracks comes in the future and if there will be any "guest" musicians on them. There will never be the "complete line-up" you speak of.

And now tell us something of your underground label "Hugin-Production", and about your releases?

Hugin Production are in conspiracy with STAFA Organisation, and the releases until now are these:
H.P.001: Hugin "Min evige Sjæl" Demo tape #1 ‘95-‘96.
Depressive and hateful Ambient project of Hugin, monotone ambient based on keyboard, vocal and poesism, tracks from ‘94 to 96, limited to only 69 copies, with all black cover. Now sold out.

H.P.002: Hugin "I Højsale…" Demo tape #2 ‘96-‘97.
One long story through 6 tracks of monotone and very dark ambient, depressive and full of hate to life itself. Xerox copied cover... this Second demo was also strictly limited to 69 copies. Now sold out.

H.P.003: Skjold "Kirkebrand" Demo tape #1 ‘96-‘97.
First attack from Danish Skjold contains raw and unpolished Black Metal without any effects keyboard are "final touches" on the songs, right from the heart down on a 4 track recorder, first limited version sold out in 300 copies, re-released in 2001 with different cover. Both in black/white

H.P.004: Aranr?th "Aranrúth" Demo/Cdr ‘97-‘98.
Slow and atmospheric Black Metal in the vein of early Burzum, based on northern winter/northern Mythology, and the hate towards light and joy, no aggressive parts, but full of soul. Also released as a cheaper "public version" demo tape..

H.P.005: Sansâger "Fortid" Demo/Cdr ‘97’-‘98.
Side project with Burgundian members of Skjold and Vigrid ..slow pounding Black Metal with some aggressive parts, and raw vocals, based on Burgundian myths, stories believes and night creatures. Also released as a cheaper "public version" demo-tape..

H.P.006: Gwath "Naar skoven falmer" Never released! 9 tracks were recorded for this release, but the band split up before the release date and the tracks were never released as planned. 2 of the tracks features on "In Search..." compilation, but the rest of the tracks lies and collect dust in the STAFA office..

H.P.007: Skjold "Helvede paa Jord!" Demo tape ’98-’99
Second attach from this non-compromising band contains many influences, and experiments but in a really personal and unique way. More NS and war-minded than earlier release, not quite so dirty as demo #1, "Kirkebrand", but still in the true vein of Skjold. 30 minutes of raw Black Metal with few Industrial influences to take you straight to Hell!! First 100 copies in full colour sold out. Available in black/white version, with lyric sheet included!!

H.P.008: "In Search of the Master-race" Compilation demo tape
First compilation from Hugin Production contains many unreleased and rare tracks from bands represented on H.P. Such as Essoupi, Skjold, Gwath, Hugin, Sansâger and more. Full colour cover and lyrics included. Now sold out .

H.P.009: Essoupi "Aktiv Dødshjælp" Demo tape
Dark misanthropic, and deeply depressive Sanatarium, ambient from Denmark very unique and mind ripping. Tracks like "Perhaps we are Like the Stars", and “Walking at the Boundaries of Life" says it all!! Psycho yellow full colour-cover and lyrics included.

H.P.010: Blodarv "Murder in the Name.." Demo/CDr
First chapter introduce you to the mystical universe of Blodarv. Breathtaking evil Black Metal mixed with industrial and classical parts. This is for lonely and possessed souls, and absolutely not for the weak. In all 30 minutes of really unique demonical Black Metal. Full colour version where limited to 333 copies and are now sold out. Still available in greyscale laser printed cover and lyrics included

H.P.011: Blodarv "Mysteriis" Demo/CDr
Second chapter takes you even further away from life and into dark tales, poem and visions, sacrifices and demonical possessions!! This is an absolute killer release filled with dark and mystical atmosphere throughout the entire CD. Great Black Metal right from the heart. Be warned! Things will never be the same again! This is ultimate mind ripping!! First 432 copies in full colour, sold out! Still available in pro laser print b/w cover and lyric sheet included.

H.P.012: Victimizer "Skullfucked by Victimizer" Rehearsal tape 2000
Killer old school Black Metal, a raw fucking non-compromising smash in your face!! Yeah Victimizer shows no mercy here!! This is definitely the new hope from Denmark!! 3 rehearsal tracks on this release!! Finally there’s a band that plays raw Heavy/Black Metal with a lot of fucking soul and dedication. Comes with black/white laser printed cover, limited to 342 copies.

H.P.013: Skjold "Alt ondt skal komme fra Norden" 7" EP
Finally it’s here!! Released on fucking Halloween 2001!! The third release of Danish Skjold is finally out on vinyl, containing 3 new tracks of very raw non-compromising Black Metal!! 2 brand new tracks entitled "Battlefire" and "Hell sweet Hell", and also one evil version of Darkthrone’s "Transylvanian
Hunger". This new release will rip your fucking head off!! Comes with special "White on Black"-Printed cover lim. to 234 copies, lyrics included, and no less than 3 inserts!!

These are the first 13 releases of Hugin Production in conspiracy with STAFA Organisation, and of course more will follow in the future! The next planned release is the Blodarv 7" EP entitled "Beyond Life" witch is dated to be released in May 2002 and I also have plans for a new band to be released on my company on 7", but as we are still setting up the deal, agreeing on the different issues that appears, I won't talk to much about it here.

Tell us something about your mag, STAFA Magazine, and about idea and message of this Mag?

I started STAFA Magazine as a info magazine on the Danish Black Metal scene/environment, and the first 2magz where written in all Danish, and only featured Danish bands, bios, essays, addresses, etc. The first mag where published through STAFA Organisation/Hugin Prod/STAFA-Dist, and where on 60 (STAFA #1) and 100 (STAFA #2) pages each. The third mag has just been released through STAFA Organisation (over a year after issue #2) with 86 pages written in the usual vein of STAFA, but this time in English, with very few Danish written pages. The third chapter in the Book of STAFA contains pure fucking underground art, not like the usual sterile magazines that pops up everywhere, this is dedicated underground, with attitude, and articles about: ancient battle-tactics, the importance of winter, Vølven-the Northern witch, attacks on Danish churches, northern sacrifices, news and much more in these categories. Also book reports, CD, demo, vinyl reviews and more… Interesting interviews with among others: Azter of Denial of God/Horror Rec, Isaz of Feikn, Algkult of Pagan/Sturm, and Killheiler of Victimizer (the new hope in the Danish metal scene!), it is limited to 666 copies, printed in laser black/white (first 50 copies in A4 format with red front and back and is sold out! A5 version still available)!!! You can order it for : Price Norden: 40 DKk Elsewhere : 10 DM, 5 US$ (remember price includes shipment) at my address. The purpose of STAFA mag is to spread information about the Underground, and to give the reader a mag that is not sterile and without soul like the thousand other magz out there in the disgusting world. As I said before I started STAFA mag alone, but later in the third issue, Huul (guitarist of Skjold) also joined up with the mag, and put his influence into it, witch really has worked out well, so that STAFA keeps developing new ideas for articles, etc. Huul brings new interesting ideas all the time for his part of the mag, where I can focus more on the other Articles that doesn´t only contain N.S. and Race-knowledge, but also more occult stuff and articles about Sacrifices etc, so together we spread over a wide area of knowledge, witch we try to mix into the mag so that it still keeps a certain "style" throughout the entire mag. When this is said, let there be no doubt that both subjects mentioned above, has both our interest, more or less!! We use STAFA mag to spread our thought ideas and visions, as we do through the music, but also to represent Interesting bands in the Underground and there opinions on different subjects, to send out news about releases from companies we co-operate with, to let the right people have something dedicated to read, something they can dig into, and something more than just a typical "Black Metal mag". We express our opinion in the Mag right from the heart… As there only has been 3 issues up till now, there are still stuff that need to be improved, and we need to focus on getting each mag better and more knowledgeable than the one before, we will never let us self be satisfied with good enough!

What is the situation in your Black Metal scene?? Tell us something about talented Black Metal Bands from your country...

The situation is terrible!!! There are not far enough good BM bands over here in Denmark. The most are untalented, soul-less half-hearted jerks, that has no idea about what this could have been, and how they are ruining the entire environment of the true powerful individuals that deserves respect. The Black Metal scene in Denmark stinks from these posers popping up everywhere, but In my opinion it is the same in most other countries, and its a development that were easy to predict back in the early 90´as Black Metal grew more and more popular, and more and more half-hearted, until we ended up where we stand now, and where one can only be sad of the development from something pure and real, to something foolish and fake!! There are though, a few good bands/individuals over here that really deserves respect, that is such bands as Denial of God, Feikn, Victimizer and the guys from my other and Skjold.

Vinyl is the only true thing for Black Metal music!! Do you agree in this and tell us something about your relations to vinyls??

I will put it this way: I like vinyl more than anything, it has a certain magick to it, a sound and a atmosphere you will not find on a digital recording such as a CD production, but I think that some music are better on CD than Vinyl, it all depends on the sound that fits the release the best. Mostly vinyl is the best, but CD can be just as affective, if it is produced right. When this is said, I will say that I prefer vinyl of many reasons, one of them is the feeling when you take a vinyl
record out of the cover, and the sound from the pickúp just some seconds before the music begins, the size of the cover art and many more reasons. I truly look forward to get Blodarv out on vinyl early 2002, but Halloween 2001. I released my first 7" EP with my other band Skjold. This is entitled "Alt ondt skal komme fra Norden" witch features 2 brand new Skjold tracks, and a fucking evil cover version of almighty Darkthrone’s "Transylvanian Hunger" In all there are 18 minutes of great old school Black Metal with Metal influences of 80´s bands.

What do you think about limitation of many very interesting Vinyl materials, when you limit something to 333, and says its only for true fans, I think it ´s more for the first 333. fans and not the true fans, do you agree in this??

I believe that you are very right in what you say, and it´s a very misunderstood subject. I personally only limit some material, simply because I cannot afford any more copies. I like to spread my words to more than a few hundred souls, and I think many will not admit that they feel the same, because someone has told them it is untrue, Haha.

Exist commercialism in Black Metal,?!? What is commercialism for you…If some bands sell more than 100,000 copies of his album, or 1000,000.? Is this true commercialism? What do you think??

Commercialism (sure it exists in BM) to me in the negative sentence, are when you sell your self and your ideas for cheap fame and money on your bank account. It’s not bad to sell 1000,000 copies of your CD, if it has soul, and great visions, and will do what you want it to do. But Mostly it must be admitted that the labels that are big enough for such a huge production, will claim a lot from the band and its musician, and often it turns to soul-less shit from the band, since it becomes unpersonal when you have an image you have to fit for your company. I would personally never release stuff on such a company that would have money as first priority and message second if there at all. Commercialism can also be positive though, ‘cause it attracts the masses of weak people that shouldn’t infest the underground environment where the true powers are found

What do you think about bands from exotic countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.. Do you agree that true Black Metal only comes from Europe??

Black Metal to me is definitely not for all. Things have gotten better, but It is quite ridiculous when bands from exotic countries sing about Northern Forests and Mountains...Hell I have even hear bands Sing in Norwegian, even though they are from totally different countries. That’s fucking pathetic, I mean if you cannot be
proud of your own race and land, it´s probably because there’s nothing to be proud of right? Exotic lands should stick to playing their exotic shit in the smoke from little smelly sticks while they drink green tea and keep their hands from doing something they cannot do..

Black Metal from Early 90´ is about dark themes, Satanism nature, and deep forests, where Black Metal today, is about political ideas and NS. What do you think about this??

I think that these elements have always been there in Black Metal. Nowadays people are just so fucking stupid so that they have to get everything in with a spoon…The NS part of Black Metal today is not something new, it has always been there among the attitude of the musicians, but perhaps one can say, that nowadays some of the lyrics are more "carved out in carton" so that people can´t misunderstand the NS message in it…In my opinion the most Darkest powers all can be drawn back to the Devil. The living that is not alive, the dead that will never die…I seek on all its twisted paths…and in the Demons within me...It is them that I truly enjoy spending time with. It is probably more correct to call them my friends, than to say that I worship them and it´s the same thing with the "Devil", we are attracted to each other in a way I do not quite understand yet .Well I know that many of the so-called Satanist are weak pathetic souls That doesn´t have anything to offer, they can not find their own identity, and then tries to take the identity of t he Devil...But they are not-they are just fans of something that they can never become themselves...They are fascinated by having weird thoughts and tries to throw them at themself They think that it´s all a existing game, an act, a thrilling life with the Devil, it is not and I am not one of them!!

What is your idea about the future of Black Metal Music, and the Black Metal scene??

The future is hard to speak of, but there’s no doubt that Black Metal today is being divided into many categories This will result and has resulted somewhere in that people are getting "Confused" and mix too many things together…Today’s Black Metal is full of emptiness, and very few serious souls, that has a deeper meaning than money and fame in doing what they do…The future will bring few very strong bands/individuals, but they will be stronger and more dedicated than ever before, and then there will be a million bands, playing empty shit, bands that don’t care if they produce useless empty fans. That’s the future as I see it. Also there will be a lot more political issues in Black Metal, and even though many of the visions and ideas are the same as always, I think bands will express themselves differently, meaning that the lyrically universe of Black Metal, will be more understandable to mankind, this is both good and bad I think. Heavy Metal will also return a lot (even though it was never gone) in Black Metal, and styles played by great old Bands such as Bathory and Venom, will also be "popular" in the future I am afraid…

If its no secret please tell us something of your plans for the future, with your label and Blodarv??

As I mentioned earlier, there will be the Blodarv/Baalberith release on Bleed Records (Australia), and also Blodarv "Heksen" 7" EP will be released on Shades of Autumn Prod (Fin) and the upcoming 7", "Beyond life", with Blodarv witch will be released as Hugin-Prod: 014.

Big thanks for answers, and do you have a message for true Thelema Magazine??

Thanks for the support and the interesting interview!! Hail the demons that lives in your head!! May the Devil be with you!!! [Hugin 21st of March, 2002]

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