By Stuart - Twilight of the Gods webzine, May 2002.

Anatomy's "Dark Religion" demo has been re-released on Bleed as a 7" vinyl, are there any plans to re-release "For Those Whose Eyes Are Black" demo (on CD or vinyl format) in the future?
At this point of time there has been no plans for it but if there's anyone intrested we are always happy to re-release the tracks.

How far off is the "Twisting depths of horror" re-release on vinyl?
Well, the "Twisting Depths..." will be added as bonus on "The Witches of Dathomir" CD/ LP re-release on Painkiller Records Belgium, it is planned for release in May 2002 but of course never do these things happen on schedule.

Could you please tell the readers a bit about "Destruktive Kommandoh" and why MIM decided to create it?
MIM created the label as a outlet for artists that MIM thought were not just ready for his glorious MIM tag.The destruktive represents me as I used to smash all his stock either by purpose or accidently just kicking things around the wearhouse, the kommandoh well you know your army ranks. The egg also that is represented in the logo is some sort of rip off from a forgotten german electro band from the 70s. Creation like something is being born you get the idea.

How did Bleed Records come about? In the begining was it just distribution or a hobby?
At the start it was just put on the gig flyers, underground flyers, demo covers as a sort of dirty fashion propaganda, then I became more financially stable in my later age and so my dream of doing the vinyl releases were realised. The distro part, well I never really planned on that, but it seems in today's world there is a lot of trading going on and not alot of wholesaling, so therefore I got stock which I had to get rid of somehow.

What does Bleed Records have planned for the future?
We have a split CD of Baalberith (Australia) and Blodarv (Denmark), which is a real 90's BM holocaust, then we will do some more 7" EP's, I guess of old Aussie demos.

Do you use a vinyl pressing plant in Australia or overseas? Have you ever considered LP's? Are the prices fair?
We did our first 3 7" EP's in Melbourne, the last one we did in Czech Republic. LP's are a lot more expensive to make in Australia and to make them overseas the postage is a killer.

How did Chris Masocist become apart of Anatomy? Do you enjoy his previous band, Earth?
He was, like, 15 at our gig with Sadistik Exekution and Bestial Warlust in 1995. After the show he was asking to play for us on the guitar and we were like, hey mate we have a guitarist already perhaps in the future. Well, turns out Machen left the band in 1996 so were dormant for a while, I was drinking at a Blood Duster gig at the Espy and met chris again and he asked again if he could play guitar for us and, well, I said, yeah, ok here's the hippyslayers number, so give him a call. Yes, I really like Earth they're a cool Swedish rip off, I enjoy that style of death metal, I do not, however, appreciate the keyboards but it works ok on there doom riffs.

What would have been your favourite anatomy gig and why?
There have been loads of memorable moments but the Sadistik/Bestial gig in 1995 has to go down as one of the greates nights of BDM in Melbourne so how can you go past that one for so many reasons.

How well did the Impaled Nazerene concert go in your opinion, any stories?
Hmm, it was great to play in front of a big audience again for me. We had a lot of problems, like the drummer of Impaled loosening the lugs on the toms and cymbal hats so Hellcunt's kit would fall down, I dont know if it was sabotage or an accident but it worked! They watched our sound check and thought maybe they had some competition! haha. Of course, the fights backstage because of us drinking the fridge clean 3 times before Impaled could have a beer will go down in history, in the end we were thrown out of the band room! i think we did well!

Did you go to Judas Priest last November?
Oh yes, I went and it was simply metal heaven!! I really enjoyed it and I guess Judas did as well, they played like happy kids, it's been a long time for them to try and play here. It was a great night for everyone there...metal gods!!

Have you ever considerd using a drum machine or electronic/industrial parts? Do you enjoy any industrial music? what are your opinions and list any bands you like in the field?
Well, sometimes I had some ideas for little breaks in the music which would have included drum machine but this never happened because the "...Witches..." album was just a real metal album, not much at all except the main instruments always used. I liked industrial music alot when I was a teenager, I like harsh, noisy stuff and dark new age music, not particularly artists, just factory noises or unusual natural sounds mixed, looped sampled etc. Well, with the retro death thrash thing, its not cool for this interest, but for me that is a real original dark influence that is unusual and should be looked into at least once by an artist . Oh, you know the Cold Meat label is good for that. If you wanna try that stuff, go listen to stuff like When, Lustmord, Dead Can Dance, any independent radio station that plays new age music, you will always find something dark in the programme, like sampled animals being killed with beats. Hey, we are getting into techno field here step back! haha

What inspires your lyrics? In particular could you explain any inspiration from literature and/or films?
Well, there are the typical themes; Satan, death, sex, booze, war, mental illness and even love, A Crowley, E Levi, Anton LaVey (just his life, not the Satan book hehe) and stuff like personal relationships, acid trips, drug induced weekends, drug induced realities and some Star Wars even.

Who had the idea of putting the close up of the girls in the orginal pressing of "Where Angels Die" and were you happy with this?
This was MIM's idea, it looks like shit and like cartoon people, we did not endorse it and it was only on the first press of 1000.

Have you ever sung or been asked to sing in anther band?
Yeah, by many people who are drunk or something at gigs but nothing serious and Iwouldn't do it anyway..

Will there be new Anatomy material released? I read that there were new songs written after the "The Witches of Dathomir" release, are Anatomy still together?
There are a few songs put together laying around at the moment, Anatomy is definately not a band, but we're a little unpredictable like you may have noticed over the years, we will take long breaks and then all of sudden do something else. At the moment, everyone is playing in other bands and no one cares for the Anatomy corpse.

Speaking of "The Witches of Dathomir", could you tell us a bit about the album title and the book's contents?
You can read the book by Kevin J Anderson. Dathomir is a planet where a load of slut evil whore witches live, find out for youreself and then tell everyone haha.

Regarding the song called 'Suncrusher' on "The witches of Dathomir", could you explain this song a little more, and is there anything else Star Wars related on the album?
This song in the theme only has that idea. The suncrusher is a craft that can link stars in a solar system by the core make up and then make them explode in on themself, sucking the life out of the solar system. The song lyrics to this track have the same sort of run through, except they are on a more personal earthly matter like a dark night, astral travelling in a very dark room and outside there is storm of rain and thunder. You are hating the fucking world and wanting to be the fire that burns everyone, so therfore the suncrusher... crush the sun and everything dies and becomes black. Other tracks that have the Star Wars novel influence are "The Witches of Dathomir" and "Cauldron Nebula", however there is no certain relevance in the lyrics towards Star Wars...make sense?? I think not! haha

How do you see the World in its current state, both politically and enviromentaly? Do outside events have any influence on you, and possibly your music?
These days I see the world fucked by religious fanatics and the earth choking to death from corporate peoples which are probably jews so theres religion again. The world is, therefore, fucked by religion and we must exterminate religion and the filth behind it. The only events that influence me these days is booze, death and sex. The clock is ticking and its all about self destruction and destruction.

In your mind, is war a positive or negative aspect of life, and what are your thoughts in general of war?
War is good for development of economy and to put people back in their place. Icant really say anything more because i'm not in the army or an experienced war homie, just exterminate the whole middle east and life will be just apples.

In the (possible?) event a Nuclear War took place, and over half the worlds population was killed, would the world be better off?
Of course as long as its all concentrated in the middle east even the discos will be better off.

If Australia went into a civil-war, who would be the most likely state to partake in barbaric war rituals and eat the flesh of their dead?
Oh, you just want me to say Victoria 'cause we are all so proud down here, but maybe the Aboriginals will start becoming cannibalistic and eat everything in the name of Ayres Rock. Cival war would never happen here, it would only be a race war like between Vietnamese and blacks or something, European desendents will dissapear here in 100 - 1000 years, its an alien breeding ground.

What drinking feats have you and your companions accomplished in your drinking careers? Any funny story's you could share with us? What is your drink of choice?
Oh, my brain is fried from 12 years of binges, there's so many but taxi rides are the most popular choice, they are great fun at all times! I drink gin, scotch, rum and loads of shots, anything that hits fast does damage and keeps the blood running.

VB or MB?
Neither, both give me a headache, too many chemicals and only good for watching football really it aint party stuff.

Now to the regulars:

What are your thoughts on classical music, and who are your favourite (if any) composers?
It's like elevator music, well constructed, well thought up and puts me to sleep or makes me think of rich people. Ilike Mozart and Wagner.

How do you foresee the end of the World, and why?
Some religious cunts just nuking everything.

Thoughts on the following people:
David Boon: Fat, overweight drunk that protects his stumps with an oversized body, a typical Aussie yob.
Nietzsche: Nice philosphies but why the fuck should I care, I am my own God.
Quothorn: Genius, rips like hell, knows how to party and don't give a fuck for your comments.
Nostradamus: Needed more LSD insight.
Jesus: Cool jew who walked on water could have got laid many times if he wore a suit and did James Bond movies.

Tell us, what is the Meaning of Life?
As Blackie Lawless says, "Kill fuck die"

Size of your Porn Collection?
I have probably 90 hours of non stop porn on long play, no scenes or talikng, just penetration.

Give up metal for the new career of a porn star?
Of course, why else would you play guitar other than to get laid and paid.

Would you get breast implants if paid $100,000?

OK we'll wrap this interview up here. Please provide any information you like in the space below.
Check the Bleed Records web site. Hells bells.

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