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28 July 2008

This site is dedicated to Avalon Hill's 1776, a mid-70's vintage game of the American Revolutionary War.

Information for 1776 tournament play at the World Boardgaming Championships at Lancaster, PA is also posted here.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact Matt Burkins.

Thank you to everybody who supports 1776 in the WBC Century through play and through your votes. 


1776 at the 2008 WBC What's coming up this year.
Don't miss an opportunity to play this great old game.

1776 at the 2007 WBC  Event report.

1776 at the 2006 WBC Event report.

1776 at the 2005 WBC Event report.

1776 at the 2004 WBC Event report.

1776 at the 2003 WBC Event report.


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