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About Us
Bee Cat Records is a New York/New Jersey based record label that is responsible for some of the best reggae music released. The record label first came on the scene in October of 1984 when two Excelsior High School (XLCR) classmates decided to CO-produce it's first hit single titled "Life Without Love"/ "Reggae Down on it" sung by the soulful reggae singer, Rula Brown.
Rula Brown and CO-producer Lew Chang launched an aggressive production schedule working with the likes of Sly & Robbie, Phillip Smart and several other prominent reggae Artists/Producers.
Since then the name Bee Cat has become synonymous with top reggae artists such as Shabba Ranks, Cobra, Papa San, Merciless, Tony Rebel, Red Foxx, Richie Stevens, Jack Radics, Dereck Parker, Shaggy, Rula Brown, Abeng, Raphael, Ed Robinson, Victor Ranking plus many more.
Since its conception Bee Cat Records has licensed several Reggae tracks with major companies such as Virgin Records, VP Records, Rykodic, PRIORITY Records, Jet Star Records, RAS Records and Profile Records.
The products have been aired Internationally in the continents of Europe, Africa , Asia, North America and also in the Caribbean countries.