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Slime made from household goods --I Especially liked the "metamucil flubber"
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A Trip to WalMart and Your Imagination

...are all you need to make a good halloween display. Here are some products that provide an inexpensive alternative to premade decorations.
1) styrofoam: make tombstones, stuff clothing to make corpses. use a better name spray paint (the cheap stuff melts it a little-unless you want that effect)to color it, add shadows etc.
2) spray insulation: at $3-$4 a can this provides a very versitile sculpting medium that becomes foamlike in texture when it dries. USE CAUTION: THIS PRODUCT IS CAUSTIC TO THE SKIN Use over cardboard, styrofoam etc to add dimension to skeletons, monsters. paintable.
3) Caulk: applied to dimestore skulls, adds dimension and realism. Gob on for a "rotting flesh" appearance. paintable.
4) cheap dime store decorations: fix these up to be more impressive--put several plastic "eyes" in a mason jar filled with water ("formaldehyde") -the same for rubber insects, mice
5) spraypaint: use grey or black to add depth and shadows to foam sculpted skeletons and tombstones. use beige to add a more realistic color to plastic white props
6) thrift store clothing: cheap to stuff, mangle and splash with fake blood.
***COMING SOON: step by step illustrated make your own rotting corpse display