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1. Terrifying Beverages From a Dead Baby Boy to a Necrophiliac's Delight
2. Spider Dip Bowl it looks like a spider... get it?
3. Bloody Milkshake if you're too tame for #1
4. Corpse Fingers actually, REAL corpse fingers are more BLUE, but...
5. Mummy's Eyeballs I wanted to call them "Mummy's Gonads" but Sancho overruled me
6. Tuna Spooks or chicken salad spooks, if you want. But it doesn't rhyme or anything.
7. undercooked eggs see, they only LOOK undercooked... but REALLY they're a yummy dessert...
8. Oozing jello heart deluxe you med students can practice your cardiac massage technique
9. More Terrifying Beverages more scary than 8 white russians in an hour
10. for the neurosurgeon in you how about some nice dendrite soup?
11. even your kids can do these serve with a can of vienna sausages and scare the hell out of anybody

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