Illinois Ghosts
Disgruntled Spirits in Illinois

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Chicagoland Haunts
Resurrection Cemetery home of the famous "disappearing hitchiker"
Bachelor's Grove Cemetery an old mafia dumping ground, known as "the most haunted" place in Illinois
Mount Carmel Cemetery the legend of "the Italian Bride"
Clark Street Many tragic deaths along this street makes for ghostly noises
Illinois Ghost Links and Ghost Tours Abound!
Chicago Supernatural Tours haven't tried this one yet, but plan to in November
Chicago Supernatural Cruise Same tour guide, only on the lake in a boat
New Orleans Ghost Tour If you're ever south of the mason-dixon line, it's worth catching--I did! Excellent.
Illinois Hauntings An interesting abridged list of statewide phenomena
Alton, IL Ghost Tours went on this one-- pretty good. Only given in October, however
Supernatural Chinatown ghosts in Chicago's Chinatown
Excursions into the Unknown Tours Another Chicago tour. rated highly on other sites
Downstate Spirits
the Lemp Mansion a St Louis resteraunt haunted by its former owners
A Now Famous St Louis Exorcism the basis of "The Exorcist"
Decatur Ghosts and some insights on "cults" who would've thought that this benign looking little town would be so interesting
The Old Slave House This southern Illinois spot is aboundin' with ticked off ghosts
The Chesterville Witch Near the mostly Mennonite community of Arcola, IL
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Other Famous American Ghosts
The Bell Witch Terrorized a family in Tennessee
Madam Lalaurie and her victims a New Orleans house haunted by the victims of a serial killer
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