brainy ideas
that crazy gray matter!!!

My mother has a real life horror story... when she was a little girl her mom would prepare scrambled eggs and... ~gasp! CALVES BRAINS!!!! And she would EAT THEM!!! God, the great depression had to of been a drag.

***Brain Dip
1 whole cauliflower
1 tub Trader Joe Spinach and Water Chestnut dip
assorted raw vegetables, crackers for dipping
Cut florets from the top of the cauliflower until you have a cauliflower 'bowl'. Remove greens from bottom. Cut stems from radishes, leave the root, remove skin. Using toothpicks and food coloring, draw an eyeball on the flat part of the radish (where the top was). The root will look like the optic nerve. Fill cauliflower with dip, garnish with radish 'eyes', serve with veggies and crackers.

***BRAIN SOUP - Get some "Matzoh Ball Soup" and put in some green food colouring while you make it - chicken stock with dumplings would be good too - and it looks like BRAIN SOUP! Or at least "something really disgusting soup".

***BRAIN COOKIES You colour a icebox type dough a sickening purplish/gray shade and then push the dough through a colander to make extruded spaghetti shapes.Then you loosely pat spoonfuls of the dough into brain shapes (well at least most kids' notions of how a brain is shaped). I think I experimented with different kitchen tools with this one and ended up using one of those collapsable steamer things to make the spaghetti. A potato ricer would be ideal. Or a meat grinder.

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