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Welcome to my web site, a collection of essays I've written on things I care about. 

I'm trying to keep the site updated with new material, so check back here from time to time.

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The Story of BebeSnout


  Whose Side Am I On, Anyway?
   I'm part Native American.  The rest of me is European.  Here, the Native American side gets indignant. 

  Picture Your Boss as a Baby
   Some visualization techniques for taming the shrews.

  Sun, Surf, and the Ghosts of Slaves
    In which a vacation to a tropical island gives me the creeps.

  The Necessity of Why?
    A rather solemn piece in which I struggle with an age-old question.  Without guilt.

  Notes to an Abusive Mother
     When a woman mistreats her child in public, will I intervene?


The Word
   Jesus.  There, I said it.  In this essay, meet one jaded intellectual feminist who loves the guy.



My resume, portfolio of published clips, etc. 

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