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Heathen's Corner
We have set aside this page for the members of the Heathens to send out personal messages and meanderings to anyone popping by the site.


Wow, it's been way too long... I really don't know if anyone actually reads this stuff... Another year has gone by for us Heathens. Another baby for January and I. Sharon Kathleen Apted was born January 5th 2007!! She is soooo cute. I know dad's always say that... Things are very busy with us these days with Samuel (almost three years old) and now Shannon. January is off for a year on Mat leave so it's nice to have her home when I am off work etc... although the old money gets pretty tight!!
Things with the band are rolling along. We have found a few new places to play in the last year, which is good. It's always nice to be able to play for new people. The bar industry is funny, they like bands one minute, the next it's no bands at all!! You have to keep up with it all on a weekly basis. We are still trying to find time to finish that original stuff we started years ago. I hope that maybe this might be the year!! We shall see... I will get the other bums in the band to put up a new message as well.
Went to California again this year for the NAMM show. Another fun filled trip. Got to meet Steve Gadd - that was cool!! It's always nice to get re-charged after a hectic Christmas season at the store. Check out Gear Music's new website - if you can, it's looking really good!!
Hope this new year brings you all some good luck and new adventures!! Please come out and say hello at a gig or two in the near future!! Please check out my website and My Space Scott Apted anytime!!

Scott Apted, January 2007.

Hello again ... it's been awhile since my last note here on, things are very busy these days. Please check out my other spaces on the net and drop me a line anytime there!!

My Space Electric Ladybug Recording Studio

My Space Mike Montgomery

Thanks for listening
Mike Montgomery
ElectricLadybug Recording Studio
Brampton, Ontario


Hello good Heathenfolk,

It seems that the Beat Heathens have been back with a vengeance as of late.

The past year has been...well...interesting. Many things were put on hiatus throughout the year owing to ever-increasing schedules. The Beat Heathens' work schedule was reduced for a time to allow for other things on our
agendas. Scott played some dates with Awesome Powers and various other artists this past year, and Mike has been producing/engineering a great upcoming CD for a duo called Skinner in his studio, Electric Ladybug.
Meanwhile, I put my solo CD on hold to allow Mike some time to work the Skinner project. Additionally, I moonlighted playing bass with Jimmy Bowskill quite frequently this past year, including a brief tour of western
Canada, Washington and Oregon. We managed to take some time to see the Jimmy Hendrix Museum in Seattle while on tour, which was a highlight. Jimmy managed to win over the folks at the Salmon Arm Roots And
Blues Festival in BC's interior (along with Nanaimo, Vancouver and Portland). This was, truely, the greatest festival I've ever played. Our time there culminated with the chance to hang out with Kim Wilson from the
Fabulous Thunderbirds before they played their show on the last night of the fest.

Immediately after my return (I went from the airport to the studio after the red-eye flight from Vancouver), I did a two-day recording session for a singer/songwriter from Edmonton named Janet Belma. We recorded at
Chalet Studios just north of Pickering with my old friend Karen Kane producing. The thrill was recording with the great Al Cross on drums and the equally wonderful Denis Keldie on keys and accordian. I played bass and
guitar and somehow managed to function on no sleep to do so.

Shortly after, work began on Jimmy Bowskill's upcoming album at Metalworks Studios with Peter Prelesnik (Big Sugar, Sarah Harmer) in the producer's chair. The sessions there were myself, Jimmy and
Al Cross. We even recorded a song I cowrote with Jimmy. In the end, I think I'll be playing bass on 3 or 4 songs and drums (??) on one. It's a sonic feast that I think you'll enjoy. They are aiming for a
spring release with a coinciding western tour to promote it. Come see the band if you can. Jimmy has secured an endorsement deal with Gibson Guitars and Traynor Amps, so perhaps you can weigh in
with your opinion of the shiny, new bass rig.

As Scott mentioned above, this year is shaping up to be good. We have started playing a few new places and have had a great time doing so. What's more, they all seem to really like the band, so it is my hope that we have
a long, fruitful relationship with these new venues. We have decided to set about learning some exciting new material to give long-time fans of the band a breath of fresh air, so stay tuned for that. I'm excited about the
next year in Heathenland. We have been playing quite a bit as of late, and each gig is a thrill. I have, as guitar gear heads may notice, begun using a Les Paul Standard that I recently bought more and more. I still love my
'67 Tele, and play it almost every gig, but the new guitar is one of the nicest Les Pauls I've ever played, so it would be hard not to use it. Come have a look and drool at the beauty that is my new axe.

Wayne Deadder
Heathen avec Les Paul
Feb. 1, 2007

PS: Please check out My Space Wayne Deadder anytime your online!!