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Alone on the Beach

Look, off in the distance.
That man, walking alone .
He looks so lonely,
so "by himself", alone.

Walking the beach in November,
on a cold, dreary day.
Somehow I feel sad,
Sorry for him, alone.

One set of footsteps
traced down by the sea.
The wet wind blowing in his face,
So alone, so all alone.

Oh, but I am not alone,
walking here by the shore.
Beside me walks a man
old, wise, self assured.

He is with me often,
this dear old friend.
My constant companion,
always at my side.

We talk about many things
things that have happened,
things yet to come,
things that should have been.

Today, he talks about giving,
about reaching out,
caring, yes even loving.
What you must do for a friend.

As I listen, the sadness grows
the remorse grows within me.
the times I was too busy, too proud.
The friends that I lost.

Yes, this dear man is ever with me
You don't see his footsteps,
but he is always at my side.
we talk like this often, we do.

My life-long companion
my conscience,
my heart, my soul,
my spirit and I.

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