The brilliant sun shining down on a glistening sea,
 returning it's magnificent brilliance from above.
The edge of the salty water like a sheet of polished glass,
lapping at the soft moist bed of the beaches.

There, look off in the distance.
Beyond the breakers, shield your eyes from the sun.
See the dolphins, out there  - hard to see in the morning mist.
Dolphins diving, playfully dancing through  the waters. 

Soaring above in  the cloudless sky,
diving down to  the frothy waves,
the Sand Piper finds his spot near the beach,
landing gracefully, barely a ripple on the surface.

Swooping down, bringing the new day.
Starting her morning and ours, once again.
Always here, always a new beginning.
The waves have washed the beach clean of yesterday.

Yes, it is here, it is all here.
The beauty of nature, the delight of creation.
The hope of a new beginning.
A chance born of the new day.

Come, stand with me here, take my hand.
Let us live anew in the hope of the future.
Let the glory of His gifts bring us peace,
renew our faith, make us one.

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