The Sea, reaching out, 
becoming one with the sky.
A  vast infinity to hide your thoughts, 
to dream your dreams.
Let the rhythm of the sea calm you,
 bring you peace.

Let it become your place 
Let your mind wander,
as the frothy wave tops
 are borne, rise and fall.
They ebb and flow as do your dreams
 and your hopes,
all deep within.

Come to the sea, share yourself,
look into its eternal vastness.
There is ample space there 
for all of your thoughts.
Let the sea's gentle soothing water
 calm your fears, soothe your anxieties, wash over your hurt.

Let the pounding energy of the surf
renew the excitement of your dreams,
invigorate the life and hope
of your goals and plans.
Let it charge your ambition
energize your drive, refresh your zeal.

The beauty of the sea,
the spectacular golden sunrise,
spreading warmth and the glow of light
Like the fullness and reality of love
swelling up within you,
touching your deepest parts,
awakening and filling your entire being.


Or is the Sea damp and dreary,
a wind, chilling to the core? 
Are we like it, so cold, so dark and gray?
Is there a midst, difficulty and complexity surrounding us?
Is there a fog, 
a shroud of sorrow upon us,
fears, uncertainties, unknowns to face?

Our joys , our sorrows, our hopes. 
Our dreams, our wishes, and our love.
All gleaming facets of our total self.
Shining, glimmering, like the sunshine reflecting from the pulsating sea.

Our heart, our soul, our conscious self.
Our ambitions and our beliefs. 
The essence of our spirit within.
Is it as deep as the ocean?
Does it run from shore to shore?
Or do we keep it hidden in a vessel? 
Away from all so that none can see.
Protect ourselves from disappointment.
Lock it all away, never set it free.

Well if we do, then dear Lord I pray
that our hidden treasures be found
by our life's soul mate.
One who will stand with us
before the glorious, majestic sea.
One with whom we can fully share,
 and one who can see all facets
of our sea of life.
One who can open 
and take into her heart
Our secrets of the sea.

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