Wait, stop right here.
Listen. Can you hear it?
The low soothing sound
as it washes over you.

Can you feel the cooling breeze?
All of a sudden it is here.
It bathes you in coolness.
And the smell; fresh,
unique, invigorating.

What a difference! Not the city!
No, no horns, sirens
other piercing sounds
that shatter the stillness,
that destroys the peace.

No hordes of people
rushing about, jostling, crowding.
And no smothering odor
of exhaust gases or factories
belching out the ashes,
obliterating the sky.

Yes, I have left the city,
left the confines of my career.
Yes, I have changed my life.
Returned to where
my heart has always been.

No more deadlines,
pressures or politics,
stress eating away at my soul.
No more pain, disappointment,
broken heart from those
that walk to their own beat,
trampling the values
I have cherished all my life.

I have returned.
Every day, I can live in
God’s greatest church,
His awesome creation.

Every day I watch in awe
as the relentless ebb
and surge never ceases,
never disappoints, is always there,
always constant. As is His love.



I can close my eyes,
let the sound of the surf
hypnotize me,
cleansing any stress
that remains in my mind.

Please, share with me.
Lay back,
let God’s sun cover your body,
let it soothe your soul.
Let the cooling ocean breezes
wash over you,
comfort you, bathe you.

Breathe deeply;
Savor the salt in the air.
Listen to the screaming gulls
adding their song
to the music of the surf.
Allow the sun, the breeze,
 the sound and the smell
 to consume you;
become one with you.

 Take my hand,
let me help you up.
Let me take you
to the edge of the water.
Take off your shoes,
walk with me.

Yes, I have been truly blessed.
I have returned to my roots,
the sea.
I am living the life
that I sought so many years,
the life that led me
through the difficult times.

I pray that you too be so blessed,
that You can live your dream ,
as I am living mine.  


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