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The tropical depression has just been named!
Tropical storm "Alice",
30.0N, 74.8W, 40mph winds,
just a spec on a map in the Caribbean.

Yes, way down there, at least a week away.
Only 40 mph, and 750 miles away.
Just watch it, pay attention but nothing to worry about.
But why do I feel this in my stomach?

Ah, the second report is in.
New coordinates, still under 50 mph winds.
Weather Service starting to make predictions now.
Looks like Florida, far far away from South Carolina.

Every four hours the National Weather Service
goes out and looks, reports the situation.
Getting stronger now, up over 80 mph.
Full hurricane, Class 1 - could get bigger.

Hey! look at that plot!
Looks like Alice is turning North.
Maybe she'll just go out to sea,
not affect us at all.

She is pointing toward South Carolina though.
Maybe I will have to do something.
Still 550 miles away, but now a Category 2 storm.
Hope she keeps turning.

Dear Lord, a Category 3 Storm! 120 mph winds.
Looks like it is turning toward the Georgia coast.
Oh those poor people,
God I wish these storms didn't exist.

I think I am gonna be alright.
The sea looks so calm, so pretty.
The sun is shining.
But why do they still follow it on the TV?

Oh heavens!
It is pointing right at me!
Two days away, Category three
And coming right at me!

There is talk of evacuation now.
Where can I go.
No relatives nearby, maybe a motel
I hope not an evacuation center.

Holiday Inn, Hyatt, Ramada, Comfort
I called them all.
no rooms, nothing, nothing at all.
All filled for 400 miles inland!

Should I go now? Drive for twelve hours?
Maybe the storm will keep turning.
I could get plywood, cover the windows.
Stay here.

Will we be safe, what should we do?
What about the house?
the other car?
Oh my God, what should I do!

Look! Look at the latest prediction!
It is gonna miss us,
go up to North Carolina.
Sure is close though.

Why do they keep talking about it?
Always saying the same thing over and over.
They get new data every two hours now.
Why say it over and over!

The ocean looks different now.
The wind is picking up.
I can feel the changes coming.
Dear Lord, please let it pass me.

Yes, yes, it has turned.
It is not going to land here.
Oh thank God it has passed us.
Clean up the tree branches, take down the plywood.

Look at the pictures from North Carolina.
The damage, the hurt, the hardship.
God! the power, the energy, the strength.
We truly are at His mercy.


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