Just Off in The Distance




It's there, just beyond  your reach.
The warmth and beauty
 of your wants, needs and desires.
Just there, not too far away, 
at the horizon of your dreams.

Remember the first day of school?
Afraid, walking with mom,
 hand in hand?
The horns, the noise, traffic speeding by.
Holding desperately to Mom's hand 
as we both rushed across Pacific Avenue
 daring the zooming cars to get too close.

Her presence giving me 
the courage that I need.

But look at the big kids,
walking together, by themselves!
Joyfully running, laughing,
and playing, having a good time .
Will the day ever come
when I will be big enough,
 strong enough?

The early days of February,
Spring Training has started down South.
but the snow  still comes to the top
 of my little red boots here.
No hearing the crack of the bat,
no running the bases yet.

But now it is March, 
the snow is gone!
First baseball practice in two weeks.
Oil up the glove to get ready.
Oh, but will the days ever pass?
Will I be ready?  How will I do?

Eighth grade, that first "special" girl.
Should I tell her how I feel?
Ask her out to "Some Like It Hot"
with Marilyn Monroe ?
She might say no!
Then what will I do, 
what will I say?

Well, I asked and she said YES!
My heart was beating so fast,
I was so afraid, 
afraid she would laugh.
But now, oh God!,
My first date this weekend.
And it is only Tuesday.
Oh, Saturday is an eternity away!

Finally, college is finished, school is done.
The first, full time job,
teaching Second Grade at Hillcrest Elementary,
a paycheck every week.
My own apartment, a three room walk-up
My first brand new car,
a two tone green Chevy Impala!

Life goes on, it continues.
New goals, new anticipation,
new rewards and hopes.
Excitement, joy. . . life.
My first child, the new job
the first house, small, needs a new paint job, 
but MINE!

Every new hope, new goal
is a new sunrise,
a glorious celebration  
of the promise of life.
Something to strive for,
just there, off in the distance.
Something warm and wonderful
something beautiful ,
 just beyond my reach.

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