Friends, good deeds, caring
 and support light the way.
This page presents the gifts
 that I have received 
from friends on the net. 
 Friends that are very talented, 
very gracious.

I am proud to be associated with

Perhaps the greatest gift
 was the invitation  to join 
 in Random Acts Of Kindness (RAOK).
 RAOK is a group of over 3000 men,
 women and children who have
 signed up to spend 5 minutes a day
 making someone else smile,
a beacon of friendship on the Internet.
We sign guest books and send cards
 to people we do not even know. 

Of course anyone can commit
 an act of kindness on the internet
 as well as in their home and work place 
but we have joined together
 as a group of friends
 to make the internet a friendlier place.

I am an active and proud member
 of the Care Committee,
 a very caring group of people.  
We make cyber visits to others
 who need a boost,
 visit their Guest Books
 or send an email.  
A little boost to their spirits.

 I am also a member of the Welcome Committee.  
Join RAOK, 
you might be surprised 
who welcomes you.


Treasures of The Web believes that the web is a place to learn and grow through friendships and sharing of knowledge, and  strives to make the web a safe environment for our children.



Heaven's Angels, an online group that is dedicated to the members. This group is by invite only,




Prayer Is So Important.
I Am So Happy to Be Part of The Prayer Cloud
And Look at This!
Boy, Am I Proud!

Several friends have 
given me a gift.
Thank you all.

From my dear Songviolin, my new friend. My Inspiring Santa 2000. Please visit her site and enjoy her talent and sensitivity.


What a special gift
 from Deelight.



You have no idea
how this has helped!



A memory from Christine

Shadow Has A Very Giving Site





From Samantha, how nice. 


Please, sign one of my three Guest Books



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 By The Sea
 composer Bruce Deboer
 copyright 1999,
and used with his permission.