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Can you feel it?
It is out there, coming.
I can sense the churning, the upset.
It feels like it is building, getting stronger.


How does this happen?
Is it natural?
Does it happen to everyone?
Are there storms in all of our paths?


Surely, you feel it too.
You can see it approaching.
How long will it be dark, dreary?
How long will this hang over us?

Let me help you make this pass.
No, it is not unchanging.
We can get beyond it.
We can, together, avoid the storm.

And how do we do this?
How do we make this turn?
Come, take my hand,
Let us show each other the way.

Show each other that we truly care.
Help each other honestly share.
Come together, be as one.
No clouds will gather,
No storm, none.



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