Watch the proud ship enter the harbor,
having weathered the storms of life,
completing a long journey of commitment.
Finally achieving the goal set out.

The harbor is calm. No storms in sight.
Completing this leg of the journey.
Looking forward to the future,
a fresh future, no questions, no doubt.


The path had been  set, the course charted,
 principals,  family,  values and life's goals.
This strong ship has navigated the tempest
 and the churning of life's challenges, 
now proudly returning home.

Returning with its masts held high, 
supported by accomplishment.
Sustained by, driven, propelled by
 unshakable goals.
Held stable through it all
 by a life-long faith.

I am blessed,
This leg of my journey is complete.
I can rest  in this sweet, safe, calm harbor.
But I have a new voyage to start,
new courses to set.
New challenges that I have not seen.
I have a new life to start ---
my life in retirement.


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