The peace, the calm
begins to fill us.
The stress and tension
release us, hold us no more.
Once again we have passed 
through a storm on life's journey

It is time to move on,
time to let go! 
The light turned to darkness,
the gentle breezes  to howling winds.
What was is  gone,
time to move on.

We live our lives in phases,
like phases of the tides or the moon.
Each phase passes, and a new phase begins.
And like the tide of the moon,
each phase has a purpose, an effect.

The storms are here 
as are the tides and the moon.
Part of nature, part of our life.
No anger, no fear no sadness flows.
We are part of it, it is part of us.

Look at  the power, the majesty,
the beauty of this awesome experience.
Carry with you the memories forever.
Is it fear, stress and danger we recall?
No, the peace and love are with us .

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September 2001