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Garden Chair

Garden Table

Fancy Table

Adirondack Round Table

Adirondack End Table

Junior Chair

Adirondack Chair

Five Piece Set

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Our Line of Products

Garden Chair
Easy to get in and out of...


The Wood Canada Garden Chair is a big seller. It is a more traditional piece, and is the ideal addition to any backyard. Usually ordered in sets of four or six, this chair combines the comfort of the Adirondack Chair with the ease of access and practicality of a dining chair.

Easy to get in and out of. A great match to the Garden Table.


Adirondack Chair
Gorgeous Western Red Cedar
Commercial Grade 5/4" Model


Built out of gorgeous Western Red Cedar. This species of Cedar has magical properties. It is lightweight, and has an incredible thermal co-efficient, which means even on hot days, it is cool to sit in. The bacteria and fungal resistance of the wood ensures long life. Most importantly, it is 80% the strength of Oak, and is the most desirable wood to build outdoor furniture out of.



Junior Chair

The junior chair is a replica of our famous Adirondack Chair. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors for year-round value. 

Kids love furniture built just their size.

It is lightweight, strong, and very durable to satisfy the most precocious of children.


Adirondack End Table
Serves a variety of purposes



The simple, square Adirondack table is solid, and functional. It is the height of the paddles, so it fits into the set very nicely. It is inexpensive, and serves a variety of purposes. Many customers order 3 or 4 to serve as dinner trays, end tables, card tables, and even plant stands.



Fancy Table
Matched to the Folding Adirondack Chair 


The Wood Canada Garden Fancy Table is matched to the Folding Adirondack Chair. Notice the curved top supports. The table top is oversized, and matches the height of the paddles


Garden Table
Matched to the Garden Chair 


The Wood Canada Garden Table is part of the Garden Set, and is purchased with the Garden Chair (above). This table is 42" Round and can accommodate four chairs.


Adirondack Round Table
"Rounds" out your Adirondack Collection


The Adirondack round table is solid, and functional. It is the height of the paddles, so it fits into the set very nicely. The 36 inch table is ideal as the centerpiece to your Adirondack collection.


Five Piece Adirondack Set

Get all five great pieces !

Adirondack Footrest

Western Red Cedar

When you have this wonderful attachment to the Adirondack Chair, your level of relaxation increases a great deal.  Your legs benefit from the gentle grade of the footstool, and when you elevate your legs to the second position, well, your blood pressure drops, your breathing slows, and more often than not, a warm smile will form, demonstrating the immediate gratification that this device affords.