A review on Elite Force II...but it isn't even out yet is it? Well, no. It's not. But that doesn't stop The Furby! Here is the info i have gathered on the sequel to Voyager Elite force, to give you a sneak preview before the release ^_^
When's it out?
It's due out 20th or 24th June depending on where you are. The demo is out now. You can download it from here.
Has it got an official website?
Wanna tell us what it is?
What's New?
Plenty of new features in the sequal, but some dramatic changes in setting as well. You've probably realised buy now that EF2 is set on the Enterprise E, with Picard in charge. Goodbye Janeway, Voyager and the Delta Quadrant, hello Picard, Enterprise and the Alpha Quadrant.
Now, I don't know about you, but the only reason I had the 1st game was that it was set on Voyager. The game was great and was made 100 times better by being in a setting I really liked. You'd think that with EF1 being the biggest selling Trek game ever, and the fact that that it was the only game set on Voyager would ring some kind of bell in the game makers heads, but, alas, no.
Anyway, so the idiots, uhum, i mean, gamemakers moved the Hazard Team to the Enterprise. Ok, I've got over that fact. But then they do the UNTHINKABLE, and make it so you can only play as Alexander, not Alexandria Munro. IDIOTS. Me, being of the female gender and girl type variety, actually really liked this feature of the original game, as 9 out of 10 first person shooters don't give you that option, and I, quite frankly, am fed up of being a bloke.
The official reply to this is that there is a romantic story arc in the plot between Telsia and Munro.
It's an action game, we don't need romance, surely?! And to sacrifice the player option for something so unnecessary seems pathetic to me. But still, there it is.
But despite these annoying things, believe it or not I do still want the game! One good thing about being in the Alpha Quadant is you have different aliens to mix with, plus the added new weapons Starfleet has invented whilst you were on your little holiday to the DQ. And there are a few new team members to add to your gang too.
As well as new crew members, there are a whole host of new weapons. One of the biggest changes on the weapn side of things is an enhanced tricorder, which is actually far cooler than it sounds. You get to use it several times on the demo game (which is quite good for a demo, IMO) and is a very useful tool. As well as scanning things, obviously, you can switch to Structural Integrity mode and scan for weakness in the walls to blow up, allows you to see in the dark, and can detect invisible gas for you to follow!
But, even BETTER than that...there is a Bat'leth!!!!!!!!!! The furby is well impressed!!
I haven't managed to confim whether you can use it in the main game, I think I saw somewhere it was only in the holomatchs, but I may be wrong. Either way, there is one, and that's all that matters to this furby! Other new weapons include a Romulan disruptor, Mystical Energy Staff (whatever that is!) and the very cool Attrexian Arc Launcher which I used a lot in the demo, as both levels of the demo are to do with a race called the Attrexians *Duh!*
Basically, this second game is meant to be longer and tougher, which can only be a good thing. From the demo I think it's going to be fantastic, and from the amount of times I, a) Got blown up, b) got sucked out into space, c) got mauled by aliens, d) died of asphyxiation and e) fell to my death, it is harder than the 1st one!
I can't wait for it to come out ^_^
For more info visit the official EF2 website.