Here will be where i show off the "pets" that i have adopted from various sites. Don't steal them please, go adopt your own.
Adopt a Tribble
Hey, i got a tribble! It's so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! I shall call him...Blood Wine. Hello little blood wine...*tickles chin*....*tries to locate chin*...*tries to locate head*!! Oh's still cute!

Absolutely Useless Adoption Agency
Not useless at all, in fact very cool! I adopted them ALL! I love my chibi Voyager crew!
JanewayChakotay Doctor Harry Kes B'Elanna Neelix 7         Tom Tuvok

Star Trek Dolls
Janeway             Chakotay        Seven                B'Elanna      Kes
The Doctor      Tuvok                Beverly Crusher Deanna Troi
(I know the last two aren't voyager but i thought that they were good!)
And this is me, well, kinda! Meet Alexia! I wish my hair really looked like that!

Make your own Lego guy Page(yeah i cant work out what the page is called!)
I dont know if this is technically an adoptee, but never mind!
This is me again, probably a little more accurate than the last one, (unfortunately!) and i am holding a Greggs Sandwich. (The best sandwiches ever! MMMMMMMM.....sandwich.)
Goeth to this site and make yourself in Lego! Id be interested in seeing what some of you look like, so send any finished "you's" so me, via the "contact me" page as always.

Adopt a Deep Space Nine Virtual Pet
I adopted these virtual pets.
I really hate Wesley, but i thought he looked so STOOPID as a squirrel, i had to put him in!
Nappa & Vegeta's Saiyan Army Barracks
Lunch was adopted, well it says!