Here is the chance for you to own your very own Voyager character.  Choose your favourite character(s) and drop me a line at or via the "contact me" page.
I will need to know:
1) Your name
2) Where the character will live (homepage and/or country)
I wouldn't bother about feeding them. Not only have they had far to much leeola root in the delta quadrant, but you'll probably mess up your computer feeding food into the CD drive.
If you have any suggestions for characters you would like to adopt that are not in the list, let me know and i'l see what i can do.
The characters up for adoption are listed below and a preview of an adopted character is at the bottom of the page:
Kathryn Janeway
Tom Paris
Harry Kim
The Doctor
Seven of Nine
Naomi Wildman
Samantha Wildman
The Delany Sisters
Captain Proton
Buster Kincaid
Queen Arachnia
Twin Mistresses of Evil
The President of Earth
Admiral Janeway

Here is a preview of what you will receive:
Who's adopted Who?
Vegeta adopted Vorik ~ He will live at Nappa and Vegeta's Saiyan Army Barracks
KayeJanewayJr adopted Kathryn Janeway ~ She will live at
Michelle adopted Tom and B'Elanna ~ They will live at
Lance Bartopp adopted Kathryn Janeway