Site of the Month
15/05/04 - Ok, well it's may again, so it's officially a whole year since i updated this, lets not pretend it will ever happen again! If you do want to nominate a cool site feel free to do so via email. Otherwise, there will be no further updates here!
- The Furby
Each month i will honour a site with my "Bat'leth Wielding Furby's Voyager Worshipping Chapel Site of the Month Award" (catchy huh?!). Whoever wins will get a funky (ok its not THAT funky) award to put on their site and link back to me!
This month (May), the award goes to...drum roll please....MJ's Star Trek Portal!!
MJ's Star Trek Portal has recieved this award!
To receive this award in a future month, please send me a link to you're website with a brief description of the site! Any trek sites welcome!