Bishoujo is the Japanese word for beautiful girls. The pictures on this page were all caught from Pocket Bishoujo and you can follow the link to catch your own! Most of the Bishoujo are aminé and manga but there are also some star trek and random ones as well! So far i have caught these bishoujo.

Trainer badge made for me by Romana. Thanks SO much!
Star Trek

(Ok the tribble is a pocket Seibutsu, but i had to put him with the Trek Links!)
Harry Potter

(Ok so Fuffly is a pocket Seibutsu too, sue me. Actually...dont!)


Random Bishoujo

Some of these i caught because i thought they were funny. Others because i felt like it at the time. Some i just caught. For not really any reason!! (I caught the powerpuff girl by accident. I was gonna delete it but well...she's funny. I tried to catch the other two but failed miserably! If anyone does catch them...*BIG smile*)

Random Seibutsu (these are pets btw! Different site...same idea!)