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Leaving? Well, Ok then! Here are some cool place to be. Also, please feel free to take a banner and link back to me from your own site. Smaller buttons/banners will be provided at a later date (I got a bit carried away ^_^)
Voyager Links

Five Minute Voyager
Romana's Tardis
First officers Quaters
The Star Trek Voyager Chronicle
Lady Chakotay's Quarters
Voyager Online Message Boards
Star Trek Minutiae
Star Trek: Voyager quiz
The Captainís Bridge
Janetís Star Trek: Voyager site
Top 100 Star Trek: Voyager pages
Totally Kate(Kate Mulgrews official site)

Other Trek sites
Sev Trek
KíPinky and the Brain

This site is run by my friend Vegeta and her brother Nappa (no really, that's their names, honest!) Mostly Animé and other Japanese type stuff! Visit it!! They helped me with this site! (especially Nappa! Thank you Nappa!)