Harry Kim
The new ensign on the block, Harry Kim, played by Garret Wang.
Harry Kim joined the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager just prior to its disappearance in 2371. In 2370, while attending Starfleet Academy, Harry Kim was the editor of the academt newspaper for a year. During that time he reported on some of the first activity of the Maquis against the Cardassians. Kim had graduated from Starfleet Academy on stardate 47918, and was posted to Voyager thereafter. Kim's position aboard the Voyager was Operations Officer.
Family was very important to Kim, born in 2349, who made it a point to call his parents weekly, even after he joined Starfleet. When Harry was nine years old, he and his parents visited a colony on a humanitarian mission. The colony had suffered a radiation disaster, and Harry had a traumatic experience when he inadvertently wandered into a hospital operating room and saw a little girl on the table. Harry was his parents' only son, and he had enjoyed playing clarinet in the Julliard Youth Symphony. Even after the Voyager was lost in the Delta Quadrant, Kim spent one week's worth of replicator rations to replicate a clarinet, so that he could stay in practice. At the time of posting to Voyager, Kim had been engaged to marry a woman named Libby, with whom he was very much in love. Aboard Voyager, Kim's off-duty recreation included playing the title role in a holonovel version of the epic poem Beowulf. Harry Kim enjoyed Vulcan mocha coffee, extra sweet.
In early 2372, Kim accidentally piloted a Voyager shuttlecraft through a timestream, sending him into an alternate reality in which he had not been assigned to the Voyager, and was instead living with his fiancee, Libby, on Earth. In this reality, Kim earned the Cochrane Medal of Excellence for outstanding advances in warp theory, and he helped design a new runabout prototype, the U.S.S. Yellowstone. Kim returned to his original reality with the help of an alternate Tom Paris.
Harry Kim was killed in 2372, when part of the Starship Voyager experienced an explosive decompression when the ship encountered a spatial scission. A duplicate of Kim, from a duplicate Voyager created by the scission returned to the original ship.
On stardate 50698, while on an away mission, Kim was infected with a Taresian genetically engineered retrovirus. The virus gave him genetic memories that compelled him to go to Taresia, where Taresian women tried to convince him that he was actually a native of their planet. Kim escaped when he learned that the Taresians planned to harvest genetic material form him to be used in their procreation process.
Kim had an especially promising career in engineering and analytical operations when his life was apparently cut short along with 151 fellow crewmembers on the ill-fated Voyager. Kim, who was engaged at the time of his disappearance, had played clarinet in the Julliard Youth Symphony and was editor of the Starfleet Academy newspaper for one full year, where his series on the mounting Maquis problem fostered much campus debate.
Though he enjoyed a stellar academic career and welcomed the challenges and adventures of exploration, Kim was a bit nervous about living up to his own expectations.