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Walkthrough for Star Trek: Elite Force for PC

Star Trek Voyager-Elite Force. I would consider myself an expert! This game is fantastic!! Even if i didn't worship Voyager and anything to do with it i would still LOVE this game! Here is a complete walkthrough for the main game. I will also do a walkthrough for the Virtual Voyager game and possibly the holopragrams as well! Cheat codes are at the bottom of the page! Use them at your own risk! DO TRY AND DO IT WITHOUT THEM FIRST! It does spoil it a bit if its too easy!!!!

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There are four levels of difficulty for this game, easy, normal, challenging and difficult.  All four levels are basically the same but have varying amounts of bad guys that try and get you.  I managed to complete the first three fairly easily but difficult may well be the understatement of the century.  With a little more patience than I have you could do this level eventually but I gave up and used the cheat codes!!

 The Plot

The Federation Star Ship Voyager is lost in the Delta Quadrant, an unexplored corner of the galaxy with plenty of unknown baddies ready to get in the way of their mission to return home to the alpha quadrant.  With this in mind, Tuvok-the Vulcan security chief-has assembled an elite force of his security personnel to be the “Hazard Team”.  This team will be Voyager's first line of defence against enemies.  To help them, they are equipped with a Hazard Suit which will protect them from most perils they will face in the defence of Voyager.

 Getting started

I seriously suggest going through the tutorial with Tuvok.  Not only will it get you in to the mood of the game but it will teach you the keys and get you used to the maneuverability of your character.

 “The Rescue”

After a short amount of blurb explaining the situation about the Hazard team by Captain Janeway, you're in the game and away!

There you are, either Alexander or Alexandria Munro, one Ensign, standing alone on a Borg cube.  Your mission is to free the other members of your team who have been taken captive.  You hear Tuvok over the comm telling you to review you mission objectives. There will also be a message flashing on screen to tell you to do this. This message will appear every time something has been updated regarding your mission.  So there you are, all alone. There are Borg roaming around the cube who will ignore you until you use your weapons.  Move forwards and to the left. There is a distribution node which you can shoot with your phaser. This will save your ammo as phaser energy will regenerate. The Borg will stop moving in that section of the cube allowing you to proceed through the gap which previously held a force field. This went down when you shot the distribution node. Ahead of you is a plasma filter. You can phaser this and blow a hole you can crawl in to. All that is in here is some blue ammo for the phaser compression rifle and later the i-mod. You probably don't need any at this point. Back in the main corridor there is another distribution node to blow up. Carry on. Blow up the plasma filter at the end of the corridor and there is some health. To the left there is another plasma filter which, once blown up, creates a hole. Jump up on to the ledge and crawl through the hole. Go up the ladder and crawl through an eerie green passage way. The grate at the end of it falls away, conveniently killing a Borg and leaving you in a room with a lift (elevator). From this room you can look through a gap in the floor to the room below. I usually use the second function of the phaser to kill the single Borg from above (sneaky, huh?!) now it's safe to get in the lift and move to the room below. In this room you see Biesman (a member of your team) trapped behind a force field and the infinity modulator (i-mod) on the centre consol. Hitting the control panel frees Biesman and you can collect the i-mod. When you do some Borg will appear. Shoot them with the i-mod, as they cannot adapt to it. (On harder levels it may be a good idea to leave Biesman trapped until all the Borg are dead to avoid him being killed, but it's up to you). Now the force field is down and you can continue, recharging health and weapons energy if needed. Round the corner of the corridor and you will see 2 more members of you team being attacked by a drone. Help them by i-modding the drone and they will beam back to the ship. Health is further on down that corridor if you need it but if not carry on with Biesman through the place where the other 2 came from. In front of you is a blue thingy. As you move towards it more Borg appear. Shoot them with your i-mod. Biesman will try to help but won't be much good as they will have adapted to both his weapons by now. Once your path is clear of Borg use the lift to go up a level. Biesman stays behind by the blue force field. More Borg to eliminate. Then phaser the grate with gaps in and crawl through the conduits. Go down a ladder and do a bit more crawling. Phaser the plasma conduits and you get a call from Biesman to say that the force field is down. Unfortunately, more Borg beam in and recapture Biesman. Retrace your steps and take out any Borg in the way. If you stay in the conduit to shot the first lot they can't get at you. Back at the place where you left Biesman go through the blue gap and hit the control panel. This will take you to a new area.

After a health and weapon refill continue through the corridor to a `T' junction. If you go right there isn't much to see. There is a distribution node but its more trouble than its worth as you have to kill the Borg in that area to get to it. All rather pointless. So go left. Blow up a plasma filter and kill some more Borg. Follow the corridor to kill yet more Borg. Hit a switch and a lift comes down. Use it to go up (it will raise up automatically) and you will find a wounded Austin Chang who beams out after giving you some fairly useless info on where the Borg took the team. As Chang has blown up the pathway where you want to go you have to find another way over. If you look up there is a path above you head. The green things on each side of you go up and down. Get on the one on the right and get off at the upper level. Behind you is an alcove with a couple of Borg to kill and a weapons recharge. Carry on. Halfway around the path some Borg get in your way. Take them out and use the green lift things to get back to the lower level. There are more Borg here (what a surprise!) You can shoot them or blow up the plasma filter which should take them all out. Keep going and below you is a room full of Borg. Make it easy for yourself by staying up the top and shooting them all before using the lift to the right to get down to where they were. There is another weapons refill to the right. Then, hit the control panel and use the lift. There is some more health up here. Move on to a strange round room with yet more Borg. Once they're dealt with, get in to the centre thingy which is a different type of lift. (The entrance is at the back)  Shoot the Borg up the top and go down on the lift platform at the end of the corridor. Go right and into another new area.

In this room you find the team behind a force field and see a control panel, also behind a force field. There are Borg behind a wall to the right. If you go to the far end of the room and go right there is a distribution node. Take it out and the Borg are no longer a problem. The force field around the control panel is also down. Hit the control panel to complete the level.

Now you see a video clip. The consol explodes and you all die. But it's not a problem because it's only a holodeck simulation. Few! You get an earful from Tuvok and head to deck four. On the way there is a call from the bridge. RED ALERT!! You and Tuvok redirect and go to the bridge.

Still in video mode we see the bridge and Voyager under attack from an unknown vessel. As Voyager destroys the ship it is transported to a starship grave yard-whereabouts unknown!!!

The credits for the game roll, and when you get back to being in control of your character you are on the bridge.


The captain orders you to go to engineering to seal a warp core leak. Get in the turbolift behind you and hit the control panel.

 “Unavoidable Delays”

After a rather ominous crunching noise the turbo lift stops at level 9. Go down the corridor to the left and then go to the right. When you come to a console, a man named Renner will tell you that something is going to explode and you should hit the panel to bring up a force field. WAIT until he has run passed you otherwise you'll kill him and that won't look good now will it. Apart from that, you'll miss the info he gives you. Unfortunately, you've gone and blocked the access to where you need to go with force fields. DOH! Go right and you'll see an entrance to the Jeffries tube network. Perfect. But as you enter an explosion drops debris in your path. Backup!! The explosion has also blown a door off opposite the Jeffries tube. Go through it and up the ladder to the right. Into another Jeffries tube, drop down to the area behind the debris and crawl onwards. When you emerge, you are in a room containing one consol. Hit it. Back you go again to the place where you entered and get back to the main corridor. Head to the end of it to find Chell and someone else working on some panels. When he tells you to hit the panel do so to avoid another unnecessary death. Carry on down the corridor and go right. There is a door on the left which leads to a ladder. Go down and into a new area.

Enter into a room which is filled with some unpleasant liquid stuff which will lose you health if you touch it. Use the objects and the ladder to jump to the console on the upper level of the room. Hit the panel and the liquid will drain away. Jump down and hit the panel to the left of the door to exit the room. At the end of the corridor and to the left you will find B'Elanna.
Cut to a video clip of B'Elanna telling you all about the malfunction in the warp core.

Once in to engineering go to one of the panels on the left (it's flashing) and hit it. Over the comm you will hear B'Elanna saying that you need the security codes from another console. This consol is on the right and down a small side corridor. Hit this consol and go back to the previous one. (You will hear the computer at around this point saying 30 seconds to warp core breach. DON'T PANIC. It's probably the longest 30 seconds ever lived. You still have plenty of time). With this done move to the upper level, via the ladder. The lift is malfunctioning and if you try and use it, it will waste a lot of time. Hit the panel on the left side to stop the warp core exploding. Exit engineering and you will hear over the comm that you need to go to engineering. Take the turbolift to the right at the end of the corridor and move to a new area.


On exiting the turbolift Chang will give you a weapon and the Doc says `Hi'. Lieutenant Fosters tells you that there are aliens behind the door that need neutralising. Take them out. You can pick up additional weapons from the floor of the loading dock. If you sustain injuries you can go back to the doctor and get healed. When most of the aliens have been neutralised you get a call from Tuvok saying he needs help. Go with Foster via the lift on the left. Neutralise the bad guys here and the aliens are on the run.

You will see a video clip of a ship breaking away from Voyager. Janeway calls Tuvok and explains that the situation is worse than they thought and you go with him to Hazard Ops.

 “Hazard Ops”

Video clip of Tuvok and Foster talking to the Hazard team. There is a vessel with no life signs. You will beam over and retrieve information on where you are.

After the briefing, go to get your weapons from the equipment room. Talk to ALL your team mates, including the ones in the lounge further found on Deck 4. The game will not let you move on until you have talked to everyone. You can test your weapons in the holodeck if you really want to. Once this is done, go to the transporter room and beam out with the second team.

 “Data Retrieval”

You've beamed over to the alien ship and Chell has found the information console. You get a message from Foster saying that they've found one too. When downloading starts an alert sounds and aliens appear from the far end of the room. I find the scavenger rifle works best against them because of the rapid fire but the phaser compression rifle isn't bad either. Once the aliens are dealt with Chell opens a door on the right. Go through it and follow the corridor to a transporter. Short video clip of the transporter. After this, if you run at it quickly you will avoid the aliens who appear. You emerge in a large chamber where lots of aliens appear. If you can, shot the round things on the wall where they come from and aliens can no longer appear from there. On some levels there will be fireflies present to regenerate them so this doesn't always work. Collect the various ammos and health and continue down the passage to another transporter. Kill any aliens, collect the ammo and go through the door on the left. You are in a room with a locked door and a ladder in the centre. Go up the ladder and on the upper level there is a control panel which will unlock the door. When you return to the lower level more of the aliens will appear so take them out. You see a video clip of the transporter in the room you beamed into lowering to ground level. The door is open so go through it. Follow the corridor killing any aliens along the way. (There aren't that many) At the end of the corridor is the room you beamed into. The transporter is on your left. If you run straight to it you can avoid more of the aliens who beam in as soon as you enter the room. After a short piece of passage way there is a room with a spiral path. In the centre are `heads' which shoot at you. Take these out with your phaser from the safety of hiding behind the wall. You may need to edge slowly around the room to get them all. There are also some gooey looking things suspended in the air. Shoot these from a bit of a distance and, whatever you do, DON'T walk in to them. When they explode they expel a lot of energy which SERIOUSLY reduces you health. They look innocent, but believe me you don't want to walk into one with low health. On the ground floor of the room there is ammo and health. Get these and proceed up the spiral path and through to a transporter. Video clip of the other members of the team in a large room. After a brief chat you see a weapon on a small pedestal. As you approach it more aliens appear. This is the stasis weapon. It will take out the aliens with one hit but isn't as rapid fire as other weapons. I quiet like it but you can stick to the other weapons if you prefer. When you've taken care of the aliens, collect the health and ammo and exit by the door to the left of the stasis weapon pedestal. This takes you to a new area.

 “Deep Echos”

You're in a big room with more of the aliens. Take them out. To your left there is a path leading upwards, to the right an open area leading to another path. You want to take the path up to the left so get the health and go left. Cut to a video clip of a transporter. Telsia steps down and is engulfed by energy. She disappears. Back in the game, shoot the orb thing in the middle of the room and get the two pink ammo crystals, one from each side of the orb. Transport onwards. There is a flying alien. Shoot it and then take out the floating head things. Hit the control panel and jump down to the lower level. Transport into a room with 4 control panels. Hit them all and wait for Chell to open the door you passed on the way in. Get the ammo in the room and move on through the newly opened door. In this corridor more of the aliens will appear. Shoot your way through the corridor and emerge into a room with health and ammo. Go through the door in to a large room with a flying alien. Once you have shot it more of the aliens appear. Once all these have been neutralised the door at the end of the room opens. Through the door at the end of a corridor is a room with an area of energy on the floor. There is another flying alien so kill that first. Then, stay where you are and shoot the `heads' at the far end of the room. Then it is safe to use the transporter behind you to transport to the other side of the room where the energy orb is. Take it out and collect the ammo. Exit the room via the door opposite the ammo. You're in another corridor full of aliens. At the end of the corridor there is a room with 2 control panels. Hit them while Chell fiddles with a door. Video clip of the computer core going down. Fosters voice comes over the comm. His group has accomplished their mission. There are suddenly sounds of an alien attack and the comm goes dead…


You come out in a room with health and ammo refills. There are also some fire flies around. Shoot the heads that are in the corridor and move along the corridor. As you go, shoot the panels in the corridor so the fire flies follow and fix them. At the end of the corridor there is a large room where you are attacked again. Kill all the aliens. In this process Chell will have shot the transporter but the fire flies have followed you (because of shooting the panels) and will fix it for you so you can transport out. At the end of a corridor there is a doorway on the left. Stand in front of it but don't go through. Aliens will come out of it if you shoot at the one that is just visible and you will be in the perfect position to shoot them. When they are taken care of, move on to a large room. Kill the flying alien and the aliens which appear after it is dead. Get the health and ammo if you need it and go up the slope to a force field. Chell will stay behind and keep it open for you. Behind the force field is another large room filled with aliens. As usual, shoot your way through. Take the transporter at the far end of the room to the upper level and take the next transporter at the end of the ledge. You move in to a room with another energy orb. IMPORTANT! There are fireflies in this room who can fix the orb after it has been shot. To give yourself enough time to get across you must shoot the panel on the left, and then quickly shoot the orb. Then RUN as fast as you can to the other side of the room to collect the ammo and continue. Down the corridor and you find Foster being attacked by some aliens. Help him out and then go down another corridor full of aliens. When you get to the end you will be in a large room full of stasis pods. There are a couple of aliens in the entrance so take them out. You see Telsia and the others in the pods. There is a control panel by another force field. Open it up and let Foster take the force field down. Now, what you see next is a long corridor with a transporter at the end of it. If you hang around there will be a lot of aliens to deal with, however, if you leg it and run as fast as you can to the transporter you can be out of the area before they even materialise. Walk towards the alien you see.

Video clip: The Etherian, (that's the aliens) explains the situation. I can't be bothered to explain. Just watch the clip. At the end of it everyone is beamed back to Voyager and you have made an ally.


This is just a tiny level to heal you. All you have to do is get healed by the doctor and then use the turbo lift at the end of the corridor to go to deck 4.

Another mini level. Make sure that you talk to everyone you can or you won't be able to move on. In Hazard Ops talk to your team members then move on to the lounge which is in the other corridor on the deck. Go back to the briefing room. Video clip explaining the situation. You are going on a stealth mission to a scavenger ship to get samples of isodesium, a power source. Then head to the equipment room and talk to Oviedo. I always forget him but he's actually really important. Every now and again he will give you a new weapon. Here it's the grenade launcher. Then, head to the turbo lift and go to the shuttle bay.

You exit the turbo lift and follow the corridor around to the shuttle bay where various members of the crew are setting up equipment and stuff. Paris is talking to Foster. Basically, the docking clamps are stuck and guess who is going to have to get them unstuck. Yes, that would be you. Go down the lift at the end of the upper level and turn left. Walk past Telsia who is talking to someone and you will see a door on the left. Activate the lift by hitting the control panel and hit the switch on the wall. The guy tells you that the gas being pumped out is very dangerous and you would not be able to withstand it. So, up you go again in the lift. At the top you will see a conduit which is partially opened. The glass in the wall has blown away so just walk up to the conduit using the ledge and it will swing open for you to crawl inside. Crawl along to the end of the conduit and drop down on the other side of the gas. Hit the control panel and it will turn off the gas and unlock the door behind you. Through the door is the control panel for the docking clamps. Hi tit and you hear Paris and Foster confirming that the shuttle is unclamped. Exit through the far door and climb out from under the shuttle by the ladder on the far right.

Video clip: You see Paris and the others get in the shuttle and depart for the scavenger ship.

 “The Visit”

Video clip of you and the team arriving at the ship. Foster hands out the orders and you move in to the ship.

This is going to be a STEALTH mission. DO NOT RUN. Don't shoot either if you can help it. Try and hide. The only exception to this is the second function of the phaser compression rifle. This is silent but uses quiet a lot of ammo. In situations where there is more than 1 bad guy any shooting will alert them as they notice when a college mysteriously disappears from there side!

 “Dangerous Ground”

Walk. I mean it. This will complete the level for you. In most cases you can walk within a millimetre of a character and they won't notice you. Run and you're dead. I would save frequently on this level because once you've been seen they know you're out there, and the level becomes much more difficult than it has to be.

OK. Up the ladder and go right through the door. There is a sleeping Klingon who you can kill with the second function of the phaser rifle. To the right of the door on a workstation there is a control panel which will unlock the door. Go left and in a corridor there are 3 Klingons. You will get a warning over the comm from Foster. 2 of them are asleep but one is patrolling. Lean around the corridor slowly. When she is walking away from you shot her with the second function of the Phaser compression rifle. Then take out the Klingon sleeping in the gangway. If you zoom the area will light up and you will see him better as the area is quiet dark. You don't want to trip over him and wake him up! With him out the way continue walking down the corridor. Almost at the end of the corridor there is a final Klingon asleep behind some crates on the right. Take him out the same way as the others and move on. At the end of the corridor turn right. Go through the door and hide behind the crates in the entrance to the room. The Klingons on the upper level will kill some bugs on the ground and leave the room. When they have gone, use the boxes to jump to the upper level. By the door there is a control panel. Hit it and then jump back down. A doorway will have opened to the just to the right of where you came in. Go through it and make sure you go right. RIGHT! Not left as there is a large bunch of Klingons who you don't want to charging into. There is one Klingon to the right at a work station. Kill him with the second function of the Phaser compression rifle and go left and up the ladder. There is one Klingon at the top. Shoot him and go through the door on the right. There is some pink ammo behind one of the crates if you need it. You are now above the Klingons. Use the beams to walk over to the other side. They go in a roughly zigzag pattern, and although they look thin, it's actually not difficult to get to other side. On the other side there is a Klingon who is walking up and down the corridor. He should be walking away from you to the right so take him out (quietly!), go to the right and through the open door. This is a large room with a control panel at the far end. Hit it and you see a door open. Backup and head back the opposite direction. Walk down the dark part of the corridor (here you would have gone if you turned left when coming off of the beams) and you will find the first of the three samples of isodesium you need to collect. There is also some blue ammo (you will defiantly need some) and another control panel to hit. Another door open, this time back over where you just where. Back you go again. There is a room with a hole in the floor. In the room below there is a Klingon who is asleep. Move around the hole so you can see him and use the second function of the Phaser compression rifle to take him out before jumping (carefully) to the room below. Out of the door head left and left again. Keep heading left until you get to a ladder which you need to go down. At the bottom of the ladder there is a room with a few Klingons working, conveniently facing away from you, and one walking up and down the corridor. Wait until the walking one is walking away from you and walk to the other side of the room and crouch behind the crates on the right. When `walkie' Klingon walks the other way, walk to the other side of the room again and go through the door opposite the crates. You enter a large, empty room. On the right side wall there is a kind of `hole' which you need to crawl into. At the end there is the second sample of isodesium. Crawl back out and on your left is a ladder to go up. There are some Klingons working but they ignore you so walk to the ladder which is passed them and go up it. At the top of this ladder you need to quickly duck behind the crates or will be seen. When the patrolling Klingon has moved on, walk to the big grey control panel on the left which looks like it came from a Captain Proton set. Hit this and the power will transfer for Telsia. The Klingon walking about goes and checks something so you can walk passed the working Klingons and go through the door to a new area.

 “Conflicting Views”

You start this level on the upper level of a large room. There are around 10 aliens below you having a rather heated discussion. None of the information is particularly relevant to you but if you just wait until they've finished talking half will leave and the other half will get in to a position where they won't be able to see you when you go down the ladder to your right. Go carefully because if you fall off the ladder and make a noise the aliens will attack. Once on the ground floor head away from them and move to the opposite end of the room. To the left is your last sample of the isodesium. When you have it, go to the right and you will see a door that is different to the previous ones. This is the entrance to the Malon area and is where you need to go next. You have a conversation with Foster and while you listen, turn to your left and get some blue ammo (you're sure to be low by now) and it's easy to miss. Once you're through the door you're in a dark, noisy room with not a lot in it. To the left is a mesh wall. About a third of the way along it, at the bottom, there is a grate you can crawl through. Then go straight till you hit he wall and turn right to go down a small ladder. If you do a U turn there is an area with a lot of upright posts. Not much in this area. If you're desperate for ammo and you can weave through the posts there is a ladder at the back of this area leading to a tiny room with some ammo and a lovely view of somewhere you are going to be later. Other than that there's nothing to see. If you don't seriously need ammo I wouldn't waste your time. So, from the ladder, straight ahead of you, you will see an alluring red conduit. Approach it and stop. Turn 90 degrees to the right and a much less inviting conduit faces you. This is the one you need. The other one is just to annoy you as it serves no purpose at all other than to draw your eye away from the useful one. This conduit is full of those charming bug thins so phaser them as you go. This leads you to a door. Get the health from in front of you and turn back to use the plank to get to over to the raised bit on the left. Jump from here to the plank opposite the ladder (ignore the block. You don't need to jump on it) and from the plank take a running jump and grab the ladder. You shouldn't even graze the nasty green stuff! At the top of the ladder are a series of planks. DON'T MOVE, for your own good. At the top, turn to face the ladder you've just come from. To the left you will notice a grate. This is where you need to go now. Jump from the plank and crawl through it. Jump up to a conduit which can be crawled through. At the end of this is a large from containing the machines you would have seen had you looked out at the “lovely” view earlier. It also contains a couple of Malons. One is walking around so watch him. When he goes the other way, move around the perimeter of the room to the right. You get to a machine with a control panel. Hit it and the pumps stop moving. Wait here for a minute. The Malons move to the lower level to check it out. After you hear them move, come out from where you are and go over to the panel they were working at. Hit this control panel and the lower room fills with green stuff killing the Malons. The door in the far left hand corner also opens for you to go through. Jump on the block in the middle of the room and then on to the plank. From here, jump and grab the ladder. Through the door at the top is a new area.

 “Conflicting Views part Two”

There are two Malons below you having a conversation. They are not going to go away, nor will they ignore you if you are quiet. These guys are gonna have to be shot. My advice is to save a lot of agro and just shoot them from the top where you start. Quick, easy, no mess; and you don't lose any health! With them out the way, go down the ladder to the right. Around the perimeter of the room there is a ledge which is more than wide enough for you to walk on (although it doesn't look it). Head left and keep walking till you're opposite the platform where the Malons were. Run and jump on to it. Behind you is a conduit sticking halfway out of the wall. It's not actually that difficult to get into as it is half open at the beginning. Run and jump so you are looking slightly upwards, then duck into it after you have landed. In side the conduit there is some green stuff but no bugs. To avoid the green stuff, walk halfway up the wall a bit, either very left or very right. This part of the conduit is slightly higher and you won't lose any health. At the end, phaser the bugs, who are far away on a platform, from inside the conduit. Then, use the block and the ledges to get to the platform (one big running jump should do it). To the right there is a barrel you can use to jump to the upper level. Get the ammo and turn around to get the health. Go up the ladder and then a second ladder which is a little further on. Duck into the small roof type space and crawl towards the lights. When you reach the end of the passage way, drop down on to the barrels. There are a lot a Hirogen in this area, and you're going to have to fight your way through. Go through the door on the left and shoot the Hirogen in the room. Go through either of the doors and head left and down the lift. There are Hirogen to the right. I usually ignore them and run for the lift. Down on the lower level shoot the many, many bad guys there! Duck behind the barrels to avoid the fire. Careful you don't shoot the barrels yourself as they are explosive and you'll probably blow yourself up! At the far end of the room is a barrel on front of a large spiky ball. Jump on it (avoid the spike!) and jump left into the conduit in the wall. Go through the door and down the ladder.

Video clip of Odell. He's hurt after being ambushed. He beams out and you continue on to get his last sample of isodesium.

Crawl out of the space to see a Malon pushing a crate. Shot him and his buddies that appear from the big room to the left. When all the baddies are dead you see another video clip.

You see Telsia hit some control and the crane system in the middle of the room starts up. From behind her bad guys come and grab her. You hide behind a crate and watch as she is dragged away!

With the crane system operational it is now possible to move to the other side of the room. Up to the top of the ladder and walk off of it on to the crane system. Jump off the other side and move to the right and up the small ladder to get the last piece of isodesium. The yellow door unlocks so go through it and into the turbo lift. Hit one of the control panels to move to a new area.


Two levels of utter confusion. This area makes no sense at all. So here goes!

(Now, I've completed this game many times, on several different difficulty settings, and each time I have been HORRIBLY lost in these next two sections. However, I think I got it now, which is lucky, as a walkthrough which says `wander around till you eventually find the next bit' isn't very useful, is it?)

Exit the lift and go left and left again through a big door. Through here are a LOT of sleeping bad guys. NO RUNNING and don't bump into them or they'll be up and shooting you in seconds. Weave around them and go through the door to another room full of sleeping aliens. Through the next door you enter a series of corridors. In the distance there are two guys playing chess. You don't want to disturb them so quickly move to the right. Go around the corridor, always walking, until you get to a door which is opposite a red force field. This door will not open but will squeak and alert the chess guys. You need this door open. On the way to the door you will have passed a small room on the right. Approach the door and allow it to make a noise. Then, backup to the room and duck round the corner to hide from them when they walk passed. After a brief discussion about the door, they block it open and walk away. When you can no longer hear their footsteps, head back to where the force field is and the door s open. Go through and hit the control panel on the left. The force field will go down. Head back to it and go through the space where it was. Kill some bugs and go down the ladder. At the bottom go left through the red door and then go up the ladder. WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T GO THROUGH THE YELLOW DOOR! At the top of the ladder, listen to the conversation and you'll find out where they are holding Telsia. (It doesn't help much but there you go. If they gave you directions it would be too easy, wouldn't it?!) When the two guys leave the room, go back down the ladder and through the yellow door. Kill the remaining guy, (he won't notice you if you go through the door, but will if you try and go through the grate at the top of the ladder) and hit the control panel on the left of the room. After an explosion, run up the red ladder in the centre of the room and exit via the door on the left. Phaser the grate and kill the bugs. Follow the passage round, right and then left (you can't go the wrong way in here), killing the bugs as you go. Go down the ladder and move to a new area.


Go ahead through the grey door and then across the room and go out the other side. There are two guys wandering around so watch out for them. Go right and go into the SECOND grey door on the right. Behind the first door are some bad guys it would be good to avoid. As you are about to go through the door you'll probably see some guys rounding the corner but you should be in the room before they see you. In the room there is a control panel. Hit it and blow something up. Jump over the centre partition in the room to the other part of the room. Out the door and across the corridor to a red door. Watch out for patrollers.

Video clip. You have a conversation with Foster over the comm. You get the idea to dress as a scavenger to blend in. When you're back in the game you see yourself in the mirror. Use the scavenger gun. (It would look rather suspicious if you were carrying a star fleet gun!)

To you're right there is a red door (not the one you came in). Go out of it and go down the little ladder. The scavengers ignore you. Turn right and go down a really big ladder. At the bottom of the ladder go right, then left, and then right to go through a red door into sickbay. The doc asks you to go into the lab and get some truth serum. The lab is through the door on the left and then left again. Instead of the truth serum, pick up a tranquilliser and then use it on the doctor. This saves a lot of shooting.

Another video clip. You rescue Telsia and retrieve the isodesium. You decide to pretend that she is your prisoner.

Follow her through the door which she can unlock. There are some bad guys in there. Needless to say, they don't fall for the `She's my prisoner' bit, so you have to shot them. A few guys come in through the door where you came in so take them out as well. Then, hit the control panel on the arm of the chair in front of the door. Pick up some health and ammo and run down the corridor.

Video clip showing some more bad guys. You are going to distract them while Telsia sneaks out. Once again they don't fall for it.

Kill the three off them and escape out the same way as Telsia. In the room you enter, hit the lift control panel in the middle of the room and take it down to a new area.


This is a sort of `Boss'. The hunter is the Hirogen who has been tracking you. He tells you that you are his prey and he wants to kill you.

Back in the game, quickly jump to the lower level and duck under the grating. This will protect you from his powerful weapon. He will shoot at you but stay under the grate and you'll be fine. When he stops, go out from under the grate and shoot. His shielding will come back on after a few shots so duck back under. Keep doing this to wear down his health. The hunter will move around a bit but just keep on moving to be under him. Eventually he will die and throw you his weapon. This is the tetryon disrupter. I LOVE THIS WEAPON, especially at this stage of the game. It's really, really rapid fire and machine guns baddies. It also runs on pink ammo so it won't use up the blue ammo needed for the phaser compression rifle and grenade launcher. Once you've picked up the weapon you hear some Klingons behind the door. Use the blocks to get to the upper level and move to the corner where you entered the room for the first time. You should see phaser burns appearing around the door. Once they're in, machine gun them down with your new weapon. Easy! Out the door they just created and down the corridor. More Klingons so gun them down. Left, down the corridor with the boxes and take out the last Klingons. Back to the bridge and kill the captain. (Yes I know you killed him earlier but there you go!) Down the ladder and you're out.

Video clip of the whole team with the pattern enhancers and the isodesium. When the pattern enhancers are activated the Borg beam in and steal the isodesium and Foster. You beam back to the ship all upset.


Back at the ship you can probably imagine that people aren't too happy with you. Tuvok gives you a hard time and the rest of the team is less than impressed. For this next part you have to talk to all the members of the team. REMEMBER OVIEDO! One of the guys in the lounge you have to talk to twice. You'll know you've talked to everyone when you get a call over the comm. It's Tuvok, telling you to report to astometrics. Down the end of the corridor you go, and once in the turbo lift you cut to a video clip of Tuvok who is waiting for you.

You see Tuvok and yourself have a conversation in the turbo lift. He tells you that you are know in charge of the hazard team and you are going to infiltrate the borg cube!

In astrometrics, the Captain explains that you will go with 7 and the team into the cube to recover the isodesium. If you can resue Foster then you should do so but the primary mission is the isodesium.

In the transporter room you explain the situation to the team. Biesman is not going and he's not happy about it. You beam over to the cube and are in a new area.

 "Proving Ground"

With your phaser, shot the distribution node on the left. This bringd down the force field. As you follow the corridor round the Borg will ignore you. In a long corridor, a borg will walk at you. Nelson will try and take him out. DON'T SHOOT HIM! Continue on your way. At the end of the corridor there is a room with a force fiels. Seven will try and take down the field but she will fail. Chang blows the door (stay far enough gack to avoid the blast). As the consol blows, some borg beam in. They don't move at first but after about 10 seconds they start to shoot at you. I advise that you shoot back! Take them all out and continue though the doorway where the force field was. Continue down the passage way and you will enter a corridor with lots of yellow force fields. On your left you see Foster behind one of the force fields. The team will talk to you and ask you to save him. You can. But you need to be quick so SAVE BEFORE YOU TRY THIS FOR THE FIRST TIME! It's quite easy but if you don't save him you won't get another chance. (This doesn't actually affect the result of the game. If you didn't like Foster much you could just let him be assimilated, but when you do rescue him you do get some really nice hero music!!) So, rescuing Foster. Go to the end of the corridor as far as you can go. There are 3 force fields, all up so you can' go any further. When the team stops talking to you, the one on the far right will go down (Its the one by Chang). Through you go (RUNNING!) and to the right. In the middle of the room there is a raised area with a control panel on it. Stand on the raised bit and hit the control panel. It will go up (like a lift) and you are now on the upper level. Shot any borg there may be (or run real fast and ignore them) and crawl under some low pipes on the left. More borg to shoot (depending on what difficulty level you chose) and another lift thing in the middle of the room. Take it down to the lower level and shot the borg in front of Foster. Hit the control panel on the assimilation bench and you have freed Foster. (Cue hero music as the Captain beams Foster back to the ship.) Hero bit done, you hit the control panel on the wall behind the bench and the rest of the force fields
go down allowing you and the team to continue. Shoot the Borg at the end of the dorridor and go down the ramp. There are more borg in the room at the bottom so shoot them as well. Get the health and follow the blue flashing arrow things on the wall to the left of where you came in (slightly hidden area) Get the ammo and go through to a long passage way. SAVE! The borg 'wake up' from the alcove so shot them. Then more borg shot you from the other side of the room. PROTECT NELSON! He's gonna get shot! Not once have i managed to prevent him being shot but you can stop him from dying if you shot the borg shooting at him. Then he beams back to the ship. (Note: I have stood in front of him, to the side, barged him out of the way and he ALWAYS gets shot. It's gonna happen!) At the end of the corridor by more force feilds a couple more borg beam in. Shot them and th force fields go down. Follow Seven to a consol she must over ride. Get health and ammo and then when the borg come, protect her from their attack. As soon as the force field is down, go through and move into a new area.

(The rest is on the way!! In the mean time, if there's any questions you have about any level or the Virtual Voyager game, contact me via the "Contact Me" page!!)