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WINZIP [Windows zipped files extractor]

Pdf.gif (272 bytes) Download Adobe PDF [free]

Fonts: p_Windows.gif (928 bytes)95/98 Only

tt.gif (287 bytes)All fonts are True Type Fonts

Set your browser's fonts to view the language you select:

IE4+ go to View | Fonts | [or you can right click] |  [set to an appropriate font]
Netscape 3+ go to View | Encoding | [set as above if not already self-adjusted]

Netscape Navigator users:  Remember to set your font correctly before changing the View | Encoding


download.gif (150 bytes) Chinese [Netscape Navigator 3.0+]

download.gif (150 bytes) Chinese [Internet Explorer 4.0+]

download.gif (150 bytes) Chinese [Internet Explorer 3.0+]

Freely available fonts of Chinese characters [these links mirror each other]:

Hong Kong:

Alternate source for downloading Chinese Fonts for Windows [Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator]

Help with Chinese fonts and Netscape



download.gif (150 bytes) Japanese [Internet Explorer 3.0+ and Netscape Navigator 3.0+]

download.gif (150 bytes) Japanese [Kanji, 1397kb]



download.gif (150 bytes) Thai [How to download and install Thai fonts]

download.gif (150 bytes) Thai Fonts


download.gif (150 bytes) Vietnamese



download.gif (150 bytes) Russian [Cyrillic for Windows]

download.gif (150 bytes) Russian [Cyrillic for DOS/UNIX]


download.gif (150 bytes) Croatian [ftp directory] [README]


download.gif (150 bytes) Korean [FTP]

Install Unicode Korean fonts into your Windows

  1. It is a self-extracting EXE file. Simply run It to install font.
  2. Run KLIBG.EXE to install Korean font.
  3. After restart your computer, you will see the Korean font installed from any font lists.

How to use Unicode Korean fonts

Due to the various encoding structures used in Internet, you may have challenges viewing all Korean pages even with Korean Partner. Installing the Unicode Korean font helps you to view more contents around the world.

  • For Netscape Communicator 4.0, 4.5 and 4.6
    1. Run the Navigator program in Communicator
    2. From pull down menu, select Edit, Preferences
    3. In the Category panel, select Appearance, Fonts
    4. In the "For the Encoding" list, select "Korean"
    5. In the "Variable Width Font" and the "Fixed Width Font" lists, select "KOR Gothic M TT"
    6. Click OK to exit.
    7. From pull down menu, select View. In the "Encoding" list, select "Korean[Auto-Detect]".
    1. Run the Internet Explorer
    2. From pull down menu, select View, Options
    3. Click the "Font..." button at the lower right corner
    4. In the "Character Sets" list, select "Korean"
    5. In the "Proportional Font" and the "Fixed Width Font" lists, select "KOR Gothic M TT"
    6. Click OK to exit.
    7. From pull down menu, select View. In the "Fonts" lists, select "Korean".
    1. Run the MS Internet Explorer 5.0
    2. From pull down menu, select Tools, Internet Options
    3. Click the "Font..." button at the bottom of the sheet
    4. In the "Language script" list, select "Korean"
    5. In the "Web page font" and the "Plain test font" lists, select "KOR Gothic M TT"
    6. Click OK to exit.
    7. From pull down menu, select View. In the "Encoding" lists, select "Korean".


    download.gif (150 bytes) Greek

    Installing Greek Fonts On Your System

    1. Check the README file
    2. Download the fonts code
    3. if you've got problems, contact the author
    1. Download the fonts code [elot928_mac.sit.hqx] and install it.
    2. Alternativly, get Netscape 2.0 together with this patch.
    1. Download the fonts code [Select either arial.exe or].
    2. Copy the code to your windows system directory and run it [arial.exe] or unzip it [] and follow the instructions.
    3. Install the fonts using the windows control panel.
    4. Select the Greek fonts from your browser.
    1. Download the fonts code [X11_greek_fonts.tar.gz or greek.tar.gz] and install it.
    2. Follow the installationprocedure


    download.gif (150 bytes) Turkish [.exe file]

    CAUTION! Make sure that you are running this .EXE file in an empty folder or on a blank  formatted diskette! DO NOT run this .EXE file in your  \WINDOWS  or  \WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder!

    1. Double-click the file LANG.EXE. This will cause it to de-compress itself.
    2. Open the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel, select the "Windows Setup" tab, and click the "Have Disk..." button.
    3. In the "Install from Disk" dialog, enter the location where LANG.EXE was run, and click OK.
    4. Choose the options you want to install, and click the "Install" button.
    5. Once you have installed this utility, you can delete the files from the folder that LANG.EXE was run.
    6. If you need to uninstall this utility, open the Control Panel, and double-click "Add/Remove Software."


    download.gif (150 bytes) Croatian


    download.gif (150 bytes) Esperanto


    download.gif (150 bytes) Romanian


    Hebrew [all are ftp sites]

    download.gif (150 bytes) Ancient Hebrew/Paleo-Hebrew Normal

    download.gif (150 bytes) Qumr?n

    download.gif (150 bytes) David New Hebrew

    download.gif (150 bytes) Gad

    download.gif (150 bytes) Hebrew True Type

    download.gif (150 bytes) Miriam

    download.gif (150 bytes) Web Hebrew [probably one of the most used Hebrew fonts]

    download.gif (150 bytes) Web Hebrew Monospace [another widely used Hebrew font]

    download.gif (150 bytes) Yiddish


    Keyboard Utilities

    download.gif (150 bytes) Right-2-Left:  A utility that permits right-to-left typing for Hebrew and Arabic. From Silver Mountain

    download.gif (150 bytes) VietVu 3.0:  Vietnamese keyboard mapper for Windows

    download.gif (150 bytes) Windows 95 Multilanguage Support Pakage This file gives you support to write documents in Albanian, Bulgarian, Belarusian, Czech, Estonian, Greek, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian, and Turkish. Not for Windows 98


    systran_big_logo.gif (1690 bytes) Adding AV Translation to Your Browser.  Now you can access AltaVista Translation as a button or bookmark in your browser.

    Note: Javascript must be enabled in your browser!

    For Windows 95/NT users

    netscape4.gif (8021 bytes)


    download_now.gif (5018 bytes) Shockwave for viewing Soli deo Gloria correctly and many other Shockwave designed animation on the Internet. [free download]


    dynamic.gif (1971 bytes) For many Java Scripts and Applets found on this site

    wsa3.gif (4143 bytes) For many Java Scripts and Applets found on this site [vertical and horizontal scrollers]

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