Nonviolence 2000 — Theories & Methods — SIS 519.009.0300



Books Listed By A.U. Call #



B 128.M6 E5               Mo Ti, The Ethical and Political Works of Motse


BF173.J85 J4513        Jaffe, Myth of Meaning, esp. chapter on Isaac Luria


BJ 1474 .S6                 Pitirim Sorokin, The Ways and Power of Love


BP 190.5 .P35 S3        Molana Shah Anga, Sufism and Peace


BP 190.5.V56 I85       Glenn Paige, et al. Islam and Nonviolence


BQ 270 .E54 1996      Queen & King, eds., Engaged Buddhism


BT 704.W45                Sharon Welch, Communities of Resistance and Solidarity


BT 736.2 .P68             Powaski, Thomas Merton on Nuclear Weapons; esp. Chap. 5


BT 736.6 .D67             James Douglass, The Nonviolent Coming of God; (Anti-Trident…)


BT 738.3 .W564          Walter Wink, Violence and Nonviolence in South Africa


D 767.25.H6 L46        Rachelle Linner City of Silence: Listening to Hiroshima


DA 990 .U46 M364   Mairead Corrigan Maguire, Vision of Peace [Required Class Text]


DS 63.1.  A675           Crow, et al., Arab Nonviolent Political Struggle in the Middle East


DS 127.6.O3 L361      Felicia Langer, With My Own Eyes [Israeli Human Rights Atty.]


DS 481.G3 A13           Mohandas Gandhi, Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi


DS 481.G3 A356       Mohandas Gandhi, An Autobiography [Recommended Class Text]



DS 481.G3 A25           Dennis Dalton, Mahatma Gandhi: Selected Political Writings


DS 481.G3 D215         Dennis Dalton, Mahatma Gandhi: Nonviolent Power In Action


DS 557.A6 N495        Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnam, Lotus in a Sea of Fire


DT 763 .C88               Wallis & Hollyday, eds., Crucible of Fire… Apartheid


E 185.61 .B33             Inge Powell Bell, CORE and the Strategy of Nonviolence


E 185.61 .O66             Oppenheimer & Lakey, A Manual for Direct Action


E 185.615 .H28           Vincent Harding, There is a River; Civil Rights Struggle


E 185.615 .K5             MLK, Jr., Where do We Go Here, “World House” Chap.


E 185.97.K5 K5          Coretta Scott King, My Life, esp. on Travel to India


E 185.97.K5 M65       Greg Moses, Revolution of Conscience: MLK ….


F 1465.2.Q5 M373     Rigoberta Menchu, Crossing Borders


HD 2956 .I57              Henrik (& Shulamit)Infield, Utopia and Experiment (Israeli NV)


HD 6509.C48 F47       Ferriss & Sandoval, The Fight in the Fields (Farmworkers)


HM 278. B6               Joan Bondurant, Conquest of Violence [Required Class Text]


HM 278 .G7                Richard Gregg, The Power of Nonviolence (Esp. Jiujitsu Chapter)


HM278 .K56 1999      Mary King, Mahatma Gandhi & Martin Luther King, Jr.


HM 278 .L3                 George Lakey, Strategy for a Living Revolution (‘60s)


HM 278 .L9                 Staughton Lynd, ed., Nonviolence in America (‘60s)


HM 278 .N695          Zunes, eds., Nonviolent Social Movements [Required Class Text]


HM 278 .P76               Powers, et al. Protest, Power, & Change: An Encyclopedia


HM 278 .S45               Gene Sharp, The Politics of Nonviolent Action, 3 vols.


HM 278 .U53              Graeme MacQueen, ed., Unarmed Forces: Nonviolent Action


HM 281 .B63              Joan Bondurant, ed., Conflict: Violence & Nonviolence


HM 299.C3                 Case, Non-Violent Coercion; See China vs U.S. chapters.


HM 278 .G3243          Thomas Merton, ed., Gandhi on Non-Violence; See Chap. 5


HN 18 .I54                  Ingram, In the Footsteps of Gandhi; See “Mubarak Awad” Chap.


HN 90.C6 W36           Roland Warren, Truth, Love & Social Change; Cf. Mirror Theory


HN 110.5 .A8 R43      McManus & Schlabach, eds., Relentless Persistence (Latinos)


HV 6250.25 .S36        Schmidt, Transforming [Domestic] Abuse: Nonviolent Resistance


HV 6322.3.A7 M451  Mellibovsky, Circle of Love over Death … [Argentine] Mothers …


JC 212. T56                 Thoreau, Civil Disobedience and Other Essays


JC 330 .B68                Kenneth Boulding, Three Faces of Power


JC 571 .M3248           Unarmed Bodyguards, International Accompaniment (PBI)


JK 1901 .I7                 Inez Irwin, The Story of Alice Paul; ERA Midwife/A.U. Grad.


JX 1953 .K431            Petra Kelly, Fighting for Hope; Green Pioneer/ A.U. Grad.


JX 1952 .E8                 Michael Salla, et al., Essays on Peace; A.U. Professor


JX 1981 .P7 B26         Sydney Bailey, How Wars End; Security Council-oriented


JX 4473 .F57               Roger Fisher, ed., Beyond Machiavelli; Harvard U. Professor


JX 4511 .B23              Sydney Bailey, Prohibitions and Restraints in War


K 3240.4 .H85            Humphrey, Human Rights and the United Nations


KF4749 .B63              Boyle, Defending Civil Resistance Under International Law


PA 3875 .L8                Aristophanes, Lysistrata; Often Referenced by Costa Rica


PJ 8082 .A23               Evelyne Accad, Sexuality and War, Literary Masks; Lebanon


PR 6037.T18 L3          Olaf Stapledon, Star Maker [Sci-Fi “Roots”]




A.U. Diss. Or Theses


MF Call # Thesis 220               Alice Paul, Towards Equality (1928, Her Second Diss.).


MF Call # Thesis 7117             Barbara Holmes, Power: A Comparison of Feminist Definitions … [and] Nonviolence Strategy [re Gene Sharp].


MF Call # Thesis 92-06912     Paul Hubers, Nonviolence in Violence — Chapters 1-3, Photocopied, On Reserve.


Copies or Photocopies (From Instructors — Not A.U. Holding)


Paul Hubers, ed., International Journal of Nonviolence (Three Compiled Volumes, 1992 – 1998).


Rowe Morrow, Pax Pacifika, Case Studies in Non-Violent Action in the South Pacific Area (O’Connor, Australia: Donald Groom Fellowship, 1979).  Instructor’s Copy.




Copies of Required Texts on Reserve


Bird and Lifschultz, eds., Hiroshima’s Shadow                          [Recommended Class Text]


Butigan & Bruno, From Violence To Wholeness                       [Recommended Class Text]


Notes of Sixty Years: The Autobiography of Florence Kelley [Recommended Class Text]


Sutherland & Meyer, Guns and Gandhi in Africa: Pan-Africanist Insights on Nonviolence, Armed Struggle, and Liberation (1999)           [Required Class Text]


A.U. Texts On Reserve:        Mary King, …    Gandhi & MLK            HM 278 .K56 1999

                                                Joan Bondurant, Conquest of Violence   HM 278 .B6