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SIS 519.009.0300                   “Theories & Methods — Nonviolence”



1st Class          19 January      Introductions; Text Overview, “Nonviolence” Words

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        Year 2000 Housmans Peace Diary & World Peace Directory/IPRA


Sydney D. Bailey, Prohibitions and Restraints in War, pp. 8-13 and 24-25         Mahdi Elmandjra (Islamic Futurist), and his “Lecture at [the] International Youth Year Symposium” (Tokyo), IFDA Dossier 51 (Jan.-Feb. 1986), 46-47.


Francis Boyle, Defending Civil Resistance Under International Law, pp. 4-5, 36-37, & 46-49.


Staša Zajovic, ed., Women for Peace pp. 246-47, 250-51, and 310-311 (of total 312 pp).


Vassilis Vassilikos, Z [Greek street slang for “He Lives,i.e., Gregorio Lambrakis, the socialist “Gandhi” of Greece, though executed by the state, lives, as in the Greek Orthodox Easter Celebration Pronunciation, “He {‘Christ’} Lives”] (NY: Pantheon, 1968), 38, 53, & 91-92,


Gene Sharp, Web/Research, 8 pp.; & Anon., “Demonstrations,” Photocopy Sample, pp. 1-6.


Lexis-Nexis Readings


WebOptions:                IPRA           Bradford U. Peace Studies                   U. of Colorado (COPRED) List                        Rat Haus Reality (UC – Berkeley) Search                    ABE (Global 2nd hd/Out-of-Print Books)            Institute for Global Com/s, Regional Sites           KIDON Global–Streaming Media Options                 OCLC/FirstSearch/Lexis-Nexis [est. 60 m.]                                               LC Web/Telnet Search [est. 100 m. titles] ,                 Multi-threaded (Boolean…DelimitingDescr)  A.U.Hiroshima-Nagasaki PeaceAssn            

4100 Newspapers Worldwide/Wombat/Oz



2nd       Class   26 January      Three Faces/Views of Power


        Joan Bondurant, ed., Conquest of Violence, pp. 22-25 and 46-51 (of 281 total pp.)


Kenneth Boulding, Three Faces of Power, pp. 26-29 and 2 pp. of typed notes [of total 259 pp].


Paul Hubers, Nonviolence in Violence, Chapters 1-3, or Microfiche # 92-06912.  See pp 5, 37-41, 65-78, 91-93, and 101-103.


John Looney, “Alternatives to Violence Workbook,” Notes of Ralph Crow (Ph.D.).


Lexis-Nexis Readings


WebOptions:                                          Central Cmte for Consc. Objectors/CCCO                   Greenpeace International                                              World Futures Survey         Medicine & Global Survival Jr (IPPNW)                               Nat’l WarTax Resist.Coord.Cmte/NWTRCC                               Non-Violence Actualité (France)                                            PeaceLink Italia                                    Phys. for Global Survival/PGS (Canada)




3rd                    Class   2 February           Personal Stories (Gandhi, Kelley), Conscription/Feminism

                                                            Project Theme Paragraph and Brief Sources Due


        Gandhi’s Autobiography (Online) & Kelley’s Bio.; esp. pp. 25-26, 32, 35, 38, 65, 77-78.


Sheila McDonough, Gandhi’s [& His Mother’s] Responses to Islam, pp. 10-11, 17, & 73-75.


Evelyne Accad, Sexuality and War, Literary Masks of the Middle East, pp 27-39.


Berlin Gandhi-Info Ctr (OnLine), “Manifesto Against Conscription & the Military System.”


Rosa Luxemburg, Accumulation of Kapital, pp. 466-67.   [Essentially the nonviolent position of Henriëtte Roland Holst, theoretically presaging much of Luxembourg’s mass-action writings.]


Alice Paul, The Legal Position of Women in Pennsylvania, pp. 255-59 (total of about 300 pp.).


Alice Paul, Towards Equality, A Study of Legal Position of Women in the United States (Washington, DC: American University, Ph.D. diss., 1928), 5 pages of last chapter (total of about 400 pp.).


Bertha von Suttner, Memoirs of Bertha von Suttner, pp. 294-299.  On her path-breaking book, Die Waffen Nieder, which made its way into English as the slogan, “No More War.”  Major nonviolent author in German and Russian (& Georgian,…) and the “object” of Alfred Nobel’s attentions, i.e., the person who led the way to inaugurating the Nobel Peace Prize.


WebOptions:                    Carter Center Search                         Graswurzel Revolution (Germany)                  Nobel Prize Prize Listings          Bertrand Russell E/Writings;                                    AVIVA Int’l Women’s Resources               Nat’l Interreligious Service Bd/C.O.s           Jane’s Search




4th        Class    9 February                                         Local-Global Experience


Stephen Zunes, et al. Nonviolent Social Movements: A Geographical Perspective


Konrad Buchwald, ed., Nordsee [North Sea], 4 photographs, (pp. 224-225).


Dalton, … Gandhi, Selected Political Writings, pp. 40-45 & 50-57; on Ahimsa & Satyagraha.


U.S. EPA, NPL/SuperFund Abstracts on Beltsville/USDA & Allegheny/Hercules/W VA.


Ralph Graeub, The Petkau Effect, pp. 98-103 (of total 232 pp).  Basic theory as to “cause & effect” for radiogenic leukemias and “presumptive” cancers.


Tom Horton, Turning the Tide, Saving the Chesapeake, Frontispiece map & charts, pp. 5 & 7.


Paul Hubers, “A Global Methodology of Nonviolence,” Gandhi Marg (April 1987): 7-19.


Paul Hubers, “Karl Jung,” “Inga Thorsson,” & “Salvador de Madariaga”, in Linus Pauling, ed., (United Nations) World Encyclopedia of Peace, s.v.  Jung on inclining global subconsciousness toward nonviolence, Madariaga on creating “disarmament” in the League of Nations, and Thorsson on evolving peace and justice (disarmament & development) in the U.N.


Rafael Lemkin, “Genocide as a Crime Under International Law,” American Journal of International Law 41 (1947), 146-47.  Coining of genos and cidere to produce the term genocide, by a professor of international law in Durham, NC, and NYC (also a devout student of Lev Tolstoy), who created the term to describe mass Guernica (Gernika) aerial killing by the (Nazi) Condor Legion in Spain and the historic European Conquest of the Americas.  Lemkin also lobbied the U.N. genocide convention into place, inclusive of nuclear weapons possession as an international crime against humanity.


Leonardo Mata, “World Health & the Arms Race,” IPPNW Report (Oct. 1984


U.N., International Conference on the Relationship Between Disarmament and Development, Final Document (NY, 1987), E.87.IX.8.


WebOptions:      WRL/War Resisters’ League            WNC Net (NonviolenceCanada)          CNIC (NonviolenceJapan)       N.I.H. (MEDLINE/Grateful Med)                     DIMDI (DE-Med…via N.I.H./ also MGU) Colgate U. PeaceStudies/Bunche Hse.    U. of MN/H–RsTorture Treatment Ctr   Karolinska MedNet (NobelPrize)

Ecodefense/Kaliningrad, BalticSea MIR ….  Corporate Watch and … Jr.




5th Class          16 February       1st Memo Due         Burma, Ireland, Nazism, Timor/U.N.


        Mairead Corrigan Maguire, The Vision of Peace, Faith and Hope in Northern Ireland, especially pp. 3-9, 28-31, 58-65, and 87-89.


Aung San Suu Kyi, (Interview), “Violence is Not the Right Way”, pp. 149-161.


E-Article:  John Pilger, “Jakarta's Godfathers; It is Grotesque Hypocrisy for Tony Blair to Weep for the Children of Dunblane, “The Guardian, 7 Sept. 1999.


Alex Carey [Mentor to Helen Caldicott], “Hitler & Lasswell on … Propaganda,” pp. 1-6.


On Nazism: Nora Waln, Reaching for the Stars (Boston: Little, Brown, 1939), [A.U. Storage: DD 253 .W217], 134-37 & 336-39.  Herbert Speigelberg, The Phenomenological Movement, A Historical Introduction, 2d ed., Vol. 1 (Hague: Martinus Nijhoff, 1976), 231-33.  Harry Kessler, Walther Rathenau, His Life and Work (London: Gerald Howe, 1929), 14-15, 180-81, and 282-85.


“Second Panama Canal Project,” Japan Quarterly (July-Sept. 1980), 303-305.


Lexis-Nexis Readings


WebOptions: Hans A. Schmitt, Quakers and Nazis, Inner Light in Outer Darkness (Professor Emeritus of History, University of Virginia), 1997; “… Focuses on the heroic acts foreign & German Quakers performed under the Nazi regime, offering fully documented & original information regarding the Quakers' commitment to nonviolence & the relief of the victims.”                                 Corrymeela Community                                    INCORE/London                   Peace People/Mairead Corrigan Maguire

  See also their “Nonviolence” > “Ireland” & “Links” — Pol. Parties, Newspapers …                               Ulster Ctr for Peace & Development Studies                                  Indo[nesian Archipelago]Net/Dutch-Dbase                                Peace Magazine/Toronto (Timor…)

http:/$searchForm?SearchView                                                           Richardson Institute of Peace Research  

University of Ulster/Peace Studies/Library    ACCORD/Durban, RSA/IPRA                                          Southern Africa/Ananzi SearchBrowser                              SANGONet/South Africa.PeaceNet




6th        Class   23 February                                        Israel & Palestine, RSA


        Sutherland & Meyer, Guns and Gandhi in Africa: Pan-Africanist Insights


Mubarak Awad & Edy Kaufman, “SA Lesson for Israel & Palestinians,” Business, 3 May 1996, 15.


Dennis Dalton, … Gandhi: Nonviolent Power in Action, pp. 12-21 (of total 279 pp.).


“Chronik der Geschichte Süd-Afrikas,” in Das Leben und Wirken von M.K. Gandhi, pp. 275-81.


Mohandas Gandhi, An Autobiography, pp. 377-79; on Nonviolence and Islam.


Roland Gittelsohn, “Judaism on War, Peace & Conscientious Objection,” pp. 51-56.


Melda Keskin, “Turkish Nuclear Reactor Planned in Earthquake Area,” Web/Greenpeace–International.


“Oklahoma Tragedy Highlights Media Bias Against Arab Americans,” ADC Times 16/2 (Sept. 1995), 1 & 4.


Israel Shahak, “Israel & South Africa, The Ideological Common Ground,” in David Henley, Claes Olsson, & Mai Palmberg, eds., Collaboration, South Africa – Israel, pp. 38-57.


WebOptions:                           LAWE                                                                                       Bir Zeit University MegaSite                               Bir Zeit Radio Streaming Hebrew U. (Truman Peace Studies Ctr.)                                       200 Online Arabic Newspapers                                    Gush Shalom Jewish/Activists Boycott                  Al-Hewar Center, Vienna, VA      Bergen/Oslo Universities ...                                             Palestinian Theology of Liberation Ctr.   PNA Development Network




7th        Class   1 March                                             Palestine/Hebron


        Shelley Douglass, “Power of Noncooperation,” (84-87), in From Violence to Wholeness


Mubarak Awad, “Non-Violent Resistance: A Strategy for the Occupied Territories,” pp. 22-36.


Mubarak E. Awad, “Nonviolence and the Intifada,” in Unarmed Forces, pp. 83-94.


Paul Hubers, (With Mubarak Awad), “Nonviolence in the Intifada … ,” 61-70.


Committee to Protect Journalists, Webpage, 10/4/99


Hisham Sharabi, Palestine & Israel, The Lethal Dilemma (NY: Pegasus, 1969), pp. 184-85.


Zureik, Graff, & Ohan, “Two Years of the Intifada: A Statistical Profile …,” 120-21.


Lexis-Nexis Readings


WebOptions:                                Wi’am, Hebron                U. of Durham, England, Search                                              MERIP/Started by Peace Corps Volunteers                                      Applied/Water Research Institute     PALnet Search   SUNnet/Berkeley/Global U. Libraries    Ctr for Policy Analysis/Jerusalem Fund, DC




8th Class          8 March     8 March       Mid-Term Take Home     Chile–Argentina–Latina/os


  César Chavez, “Letter from Delano,” (119-121), in From Violence to Wholeness


César Chavez, “Community Organization,” pp. 89-96.


René Habachi, Fundamentos Filosoficos de una Universidad Para la Paz (San José, Universidad para la Paz, 1986), pp. 14-19 and 72-77.


Joan London, …César Chavez & The Farm Workers’ Movement, pp. 130-131 and 182-85.


Mahony & Eguren, “A Tenacious Grip: Accompaniment …,” Unarmed Bodyguards, pp. 151-83.


Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, School of Assassins, pp. 2-3, 10-15, & 102-103. 


“Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo,” English trans./Red Wamani/, Argentina, “Grandmothers of the Plaza de May, .”



Lexis-Nexis Readings


WebOptions:                                               NACLA                                    CHASQUE         Grandmothers of the Plaza of May                                Red Gernika                  Nizkor Human Rights Net        SERPAJ Costa–Rica          LatinoAmerican Country-by…               SERPAJ–America Latina                  Monteverde Ornithological Study Ctrs.    Argentina NGO Networks  Wamani/Argentina PeaceLinks   Catalan Peace FdnMOC–Cataluña C.O.s



12-19 March — No Class, Spring Break, Sunday–Sunday



9th Class          22 March                                            Civil Rights/USA–SE-Asia War



Martin Luther King, Jr., “My [Our] Trip to the Land of Gandhi,” Ebony (July 1959), 84-86.


Martin Luther King, Jr., Where Do We Go From Hear, Chaos or Community (Beacon, 1968), 130-131 & 190-91.


Bonnie Day, This Life One Leaf, pp. 18-19, 24, 30, 39, & 90; (of 111 total pp.).


R. Elizabeth Johns, Refinement by Fire, The Story of a Project that May Change the Face of the Nation (Dorchester, GA: Monograph, s.n., n.d.), 1-3.


Max Eastman, Selected Poems of Claude McKay, 36-37 & 108-109


Mary King, … Gandhi & MLK, Jr. pp. 132-33, 178-79, and 182-83 (of 521 total pp.).


Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnam, Lotus in a Sea of Fire, pp. 76-81 (of total 115 pp.).


Septima Poinsette Clark, Echo in My Soul, 198-99, 214-215, & 220-21 (of 245 total pp.).


Howard Richards, “The Beloved Community,” in Letters from Quebec; A Philosophy for Peace and Justice (San Francisco: International Scholars Publications, 1993), 415-423.


WebOptions:                                Vietnam Vets Against the War     U.S. National Ctr for PTSD ….                                 King Center, Atlanta, Georgia    MLK, Jr., Stanford U. Papers Project             Peace Link Italia/Africa News                              U. of Eduardo Mondlane, Maputo, Search                                       InternetDirect Books/                                Fellowship of Reconciliation                                   RainbowPUSH Coalition           RainbowPUSH Newswire




  10th    Class   29 March                                            Faslane–Pacific–NativeAmerican


Lexis-Nexis Readings


        Bird and Lifschultz, eds., Hiroshima’s Shadow; esp. 58, 59, 68, 258-59, & 419-420.


Pam McAllister, ed., “Invasion of the Justice Seekers [vs HUAC],” 112-113.


Karen Louise Schmidt, Transforming Abuse, pp. 118-120.  Communal sources and options.


Jo Vallentine Papers (loose-leaf), Senator, Canberra, Australia, Sent to Instructor, Federal Gov’t/Public Domain.


Kiyoshi Shimizu, “An Epidemiological Study on Leukemia in Survivors Exposed to the Atomic Bomb in Childhood in Hiroshima,” Hiroshima Journal, 123-29.


Mira M. Kossenko, “Cancer Mortality … in … the Techa River Area,” 17-21.


 Joseph  Mangano, Low-Level Radiation, 34-37, 46-47, 163-66, & 178-79.


Jonathan Turley, A Guide to Citizen Law Enforcement, pp. 30-34.


William Fletcher [Atomic Veteran, Judge, Professor], “Atomic Bomb Testing …,” pp. 285-321.


Sternglass, “The Death of All Children,” 1a-1d.


Sternglass, et al., “U.S.A. Newborn Deterioration in the Nuclear Age, 1945-1996,” pp. 1-21.  [Sent to Instructor for Use at American University.]


Jean Wiley Zwickel, Voices for Independence, Portraits of Notable Individuals, US. Congress, House Res. 218, United Nations 11 August 1987 Res.; and pp. 47-50, 99, & 114-116.


A Non-Violent Lifestyle, Conversations with Jean and Hildegard Goss, 11, 53, and 139-141.


E-Article:  “Activists Stop Trident Submarine in Scotland,” 10 March 1999;


Lexis-Nexis Readings


Nonviolence Chronology



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Wilmington C. Hiroshima/Nagasaki Collection                        World Radiation DBase                        Znet Magazine Search                    AsianAlerts, Org of Chinese Americans                  AsianPacific American Med. Grad. Students   First Nations        Environment International



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