Class Schedule of Dates

            Flexible as to Instructor and Guest Speaker Session Schedules

SIS 519.009.0300          “Theories & Methods — Nonviolence”


8:10 – 10:40 PMs, Wednesdays; Room TBA


18 January, Tuesday, Classes and Late Registration Begin


1st        Class    19 January (Wednesdays)       Introduction, Names; Text Overview, “NV”

Student Info/ Project Interest Areas, WebSearching/Housmans Peace Diary/IPRA

   2nd     Class    26 January                                                        Three Faces/Views of Power


3rd        Class    2 February     Project Paragraph                  Personal Stories (Gandhi, Kelley)


   4th     Class     9 February                                                      Local-Global Experience


   5th     Class    16 February     1st Memo Due                                    Burma, Ireland, Nazism, Timor/U.N.


   6th     Class    23 February                                                     Israel & Palestine, RSA


7th        Class    1 March         Project Assign-Time              Palestine/Hebron


   8th     Class    8 March         Mid-Term Take Home          Chile–Argentina–Latino Issues


12-19 March — No Class, Spring Break, Sunday–Sunday


      9th  Class    22 March                                                         Civil Rights/USA–SE-Asia War


  10th    Class    29 March                                                         Faslane–Pacific–NativeAmerican


            3 April  (Advance Regis./Summer)


11th      Class   5 April            2nd Memo Due           Review of Projects …. WebSearch Options

                                                Brochure (Questions) Page

  12th    Class    12 April                                                Projects ….


  13th    Class    19 April                                                Projects …  Hands-On Placards/Demo


  14th    Class    26 April           Project Papers Due    Mubarak’s House?  (“Trainer” Options)


1st           May    Classes End


4-10     May     Finals


9-15     May     Grades Due                  13-14th May Convocation & Commencement