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Major Issues in the Thai Patent System by Jakkrit Kuanpoth. This article was reprinted from the Law Journal of the Thailand Barristers Association with the author’s permission. The article analyzes the Thailand Patent Process with comparison to the process and requirements of other jurisdictions. Khun Jakkrit is an associate professor of Law at Sukhothai Thammatirat Open University in Thailand and a leading scholar on Thailand Intellectual Property issues.

The Utility Model: A New Form Of Protection for Minor Inventions by Fabrice Mattei. This article discusses the registration of utility models in Thailand, and the rationale for using this new form of intellectual property right protection.

Private Use on Musical Works, Rights of Public Performance, and Collecting Society Systems. By the Honorable Judge Visit Sripibool of the Thailand Court of Intellectual Property and International Trade. This comprehensive article discusses the potential conflict of interest problems created by the use of copyrighted works in restaurants, shops and karaoke establishments in Thailand.


The Role of Securities Regulation in the Development of the Thai Stock Market This article provides some basic background information on the Thai legal system, stock market and economy and then offers an analysis of the role of securities regulations in the 1997 financial crisis and subsequent process of recovery and addresses the future of securities regulation in Thailand.

Addressing Thailand's Non-performing Loans by Cynthia M. Pornavalai. This article discusses the legal procedures and current status of Thailand's non-performing loans.

E-Commerce in Thailand: A slow Awakening by Pascale Prud'homme and Hassana Chira-aphakul. This article discusses developments in the information technology sector in regards to doing e-commerce in Thailand.

Thailand’s New Bankruptcy Court. This article describes the basic structure of Thailand’s special bankruptcy courts which were originally formed in response to the recent economic crisis.

Family Law

Marriage for foreigners in Thailand This article provides information on marriage for foreigners in Thailand.

Family Law of Thailand by Wimolsiri Jamnarnwej. This article discusses the foundations of the Family Law of Thailand, with an analysis of betrothal and promise to marry, marriage, grounds for divorce, property of husband and wife, and spousal maintenance.

General Thai Law

The Philosophy of Criminology when Sentencing in Thai Courts: A Case Study of Intentional, Negligent and Provoked Criminals This article analyzes the treatment by the Thailand Judiciary of criminal defendants with regard to their state of mind.

Service of Process of Foreign Subpoena Within Thailand This article explains three major issues with regard to service of process in Thailand.

NGO Regulation in East and Southeast Asia: A Comparative Perspective This article by Professor Karla W. Simon discusses the various governmental regimes governing non-governmental organizations in Southeast Asian nations. The author is a leading authority on non-governmental organization law and a professor of law at Catholic University of America.

Thailand's Legal System: Requirements, Practice, and Ethical Conduct by Charunun Sathitsuksomboon (Tilleke & Gibbins). This article discusses the structure of Thailand's legal system and the controls imposed on the conduct of the professionals involved in the Thailand Legal System.

How to Conduct Legal Research and Study Using the Internet by Dr. Ronald F. Movrich. This article provides useful information on the practicalities of using the World Wide Web for legal research. This article is especially useful for persons residing in countries that do not have extensive law libraries and therefore must rely to a greater extent on the Internet for legal research.

Law and Society by William J. Klausner. This article examines the effects of the imbalance between law and custom in contemporary Thai society and explores ways and means to achieve a congruence and constructive tension between these two forces.

Multimodal Transport Bill by Tilleke & Gibbins International Ltd. This article discusses why Thailand has no laws focusing on multimodal transport.

A Legal Perspective on Y2K in Thailand by Jonathan Leeds. This article is published in the August 1999 edition of the German Thai Chamber of Commerce magazine. The article highlights the legal implications of Y2K failures and potential liability in Thailand. The article also examines the governmental framework and status in preparing for the Y2K problem. In researching this article, the author interviewed key government experts at NECTEC (the governmental computer technology ministry). Finally, the article suggests a checklist for companies and individuals to use in protecting themselves from Y2K liability problems.

THE THAI CONSTITUTION OF 1997 SOURCES AND PROCESS by Borwornsak Uwanno & Wayne D. Burns. This is a reprint of an article originally published in the University of British Columbia Law Review, Vol.32: Number 2, 1998. Mr Uwanno is the Dean and a Professor of Law at the Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University He is aformer CDA member and secretary to the Drafting and Scrutiny Committee of the CDA. He is also a former member of the House Ad Hoc Committee on Constitutional Reform (1993-94) and a former member of the CDD. Mr. Burns is a foreign expert at the Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University. He holds an LLM from the University of British Columbia, class of 1992.

Thai Governmental Structure (Under 1997 B.E. 2540 Constitution) This article provides an overview of the Thai Governmental Structure, as set up by the most recent Constitution of 1997, including the role of the King, the Executive and Legislative branch as well as the Judiciary. Allen Briggs, the author of this article, is a member of the California Bar, and currently teaches Law at the Asian University of Science and Technology (Thailand).

Public Participation in Environmental Protection and Thai Folk Wisdom. By Dr.Alexander Shytov. This article discusses environmental protection and the effect traditional Thai folk wisdom and public participation has on the development of Environmental Law in Thailand.

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