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07-11-2003 written by KOAAF

Tripod SUCKS Well for the last 2 weeks or so I could not log into this account and change anything Since Apparently someone hacked into tripod/geocities and rerouted the traffic,I dont know but it Sucked. Well since the motherload of traffic slowed down.Anyone who is left and checking this I am gonna put an EXCLUSIVE clip from artie's film Gameday on here for you to D/L so watch for that Hopefully this Weekend Later

06-25-2003 written by KOAAF

OLD SCHOOL 2 is in the works after the First one was a Samsh Hit. If you listen to The Show,Artie was in L.A. Last week Meeting with the Director Todd Phillips.Hopefully they will be putting Artie in the Sequal and Perhaps have a bigger part Since At the end of the First Movie he was part of the Fraternity,Have to wait and see

06-25-2003 written by KOAAF

Well the site still seems to be getting a fair amount of hits Monday i had most hits out of the 4 days it has been Open.I am working on getting it on another server like i said in previous post BUT i ran into some unforseen problems

Also I Wanted to say since someone reminded me in the Guestbook by saying "Hey artie You and your site Sux" WELL that may true BUT the fact is this Site is NO WAY affiliated with Artie Lange I have NO contact with him,It is just my Attempt at bringing Artie Information to the internet

06-24-2003 written by KOAAF

A couple things First The Site has been getting hammered with hits and shitty Tripod cant handle it.Soo thanks to I will be moving the site to there Server to allow all the traffic.Hell I have not even been able to log into the site to edit anything till now.The new address will be

Secondly I got an email from Tony over at Who reminded me that there is an Article written by Artie over at there site about L.A. It's good Stuff.I will add a link on the left for the site and a Link to the article in the "Articles" section.

06-17-2003 written by KOAAF
Right quick I was surfing around and I went over to and I Noticed they Now have Merchandise Available to Buy. They have Tshirts,Bibs,Girly Shirts With a piece of Pizza with a slash through it. Funny stuff. Check it out Artie Lange Death Watch

27-03-2000 written by KOAAF
Hold On...Allright I am just now trying to get this shit up and running Again,It will start to Evolve and change as my nights at Work drag on.I would rather work on this then real work sooo Bare With Me is all Check back Often as Shit gets updated.

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