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I've spend hours surfing the Internet searching for links.Some were recommended by other people. These are the best i think.All are checked and should be working.If you find any dead links or can recommend one,you know what to do.

African Landsnails(Achatina and Archachatina sp.)

The snailtrail:Great site covering all aspects of keeping African Landsnails as pets.Also includes a forum and an internet shop. a great DIY-section which is very useful for snailkeepers.Plenty of breeding information with pictures of the setups. keeping African landsnails this is the best site on the net.Especially useful is the care section which answers all the questions you might have.Interesting background information about the region where some of the snails live. German).A lot of infromation on different species,many pictures.Also features a very active forum. Schnick-Schneck(in German).Not only about African landsnails but also about Cornu aspersum. Snailey heaven(in German) Christabel's snail page:lot's of information on Giant African Landsnails. Annette's Giant African Land Snails page:loads of stuff on GALS. German African landsnail page.With info on how to build a snailtank.


Missouri molluscs:species lists and photo's of land- and freshwatersnails. Powelliphanta landsnails:beautiful giants of the forest floor. The Great Britain snail hunt Extinction at a snails pace.A short article about Hawaiian Achatinella snails. The world of snails:good site with basic information. Helix pomatia:all about this biggest European landsnail,in German. Father Sanchez's website of West Indian natural history:This is my kind of priest:one with an interest in snails,U2 and an excellent photographer. Not only snails on this site,but also other animals like snakes and spiders. Conchology:the art of science and nature:also with information on freshwatersnails and marine snails,lots of great shell pictures. Man and mollusc:Lots of general information with an extensive linklist. Polymita picture page:information about Polymita snails. Samoan snail guide:good information about some snailfamilies in the Pacific. Florida landsnail gallery Florida's treesnails. Partula snails. On tree snails The effect of introduced Euglandia snails on Endemic snails of Moorea. Concholi:about African land snails. Liguus home page Information in a question-answer format.With a description of snailspecies in Madagascar. Robert Nordsieck's molluscs site.Lots of snail info mainly in german,but with a good english translation. Het slakkenhuis:This is my Dutch site which has mainly info on snails in The Netherlands. Robyn's snail and clam page:Info on land and pond snails. Chan Sow Yans page: info about snails mainly in the pacific,many good photo's. Julia Simons snailpage:lots of pictures. All about snails:for children. Joyce Maley's page:good info on keeping snails. Treesnails of the Everglades. Ragnhilds Sneglesider:Norwegian snail site with lots of pictures. Terrestrial gastropods of the Columbia basin,British Columbia:General info and a description of species. Land-and sea shells:good photo's of landshells.

Freshwatersnails or aquatic snails

Invasive species database:Pomacea canaliculata. The South-East Asian snail disaster:Pomacea canaliculata. The domain of ampullariidae:General information about aquatic snails,focused on aquariums. Aquatic snail page.With many photo's. Heather's aquatic snail page. best site about Applesnails and some other snails as well.


Escargot & heliciculture:All about snailfarming with a very good linkslist. Gastronomic gastropods:snailfarming in Africa. Frescargot farms:information about heliciculture(snailfarming). Raising snails:all you want to know about snailfarming and turning them shall we say?

Museums and scientific research

Snails caught in act of evolution. Snails and caffeine:not a good combination. Paghat's garden:coffee and slugs:More about how caffeine affects slugs and snails. Flying snails:How far can Truncatellina be blown over sea? The research of Dr. Ronald Chase:Very interesting page covering reproduction and locating calcium sources. The Australian Museum online:info about land- and marinesnails and some pics as well. German museum site.


Slugweb:home of the University of California Santa Cruz mascot:the bananaslug. The house of slime:some sluginfo and fun.

Shelldealers and pictures

Malacos. Charles J. Geerts. Coquillages de Ile de Maurice:french site,with english translation. Mike's shells. Femorale:A Brazilian site with many beautiful shell photo's. Firama Chan Sow Yans page: info about snails mainly in the pacific,many good photo's.


Bugnation:This huge,active forum also has,a less active,snail and slug section.Many of the posts however can also be found on the forum. of the very informative site.Very active,informal,forum with many knowledgeable members. The forum has different categories making finding what you need easy. Snails2die4:Part of the site.Not very active,but worth a visit nonetheless. Achatschneckenforum:Part of the site.Active,very informative forum without categories however. In German. of the best Applesnail site on the internet.Great forum with many categories,not be missed for people keeping Applesnails. Schneckenforum:Part of the German site uber die schneck.Many experienced members on here ready to help anybody with problems or questions. Cybersnail:Not a forum like the others,but since it's basically the one where it all started it has to be included.Unfortunately the activity has suffered considerably since all the other forums started.


A radiocontroled snailcar, very cool. An Indonesian story with a snail and a snail-shaped theatre. Politics of snails by Irena Klepfisz. Snail by Jake Savin.

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