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Aralissia*s Life - Stories and information about Aralissia, as well as lists and funny things it strikes her fancy to write.

New Moon Mud - Information, maps, lists etc. concerning the best MUD (it's a game for those who don't know) in the world.

Lyrically Lush - A page with what I feel are the best and most "lyrically lush" lyrics.

Poetry and Graphics - Poetry by the webmaster herself, as well as graphics arranged in sections according to interest.

MP3 - A list of my mp3's. More coming.

Links - The obvious. Mainly New Moon links there now.

Contact - My email and icq #.

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September 30, 2002

Small update this time. Added some pictures in the New Moon Pictures
section, as well as a new link to an awesome site (changed the neopet) down below on this page.
Links are also updated.

July 30, 2002

Updated (finally). Whee. Woo. Ok here is a list of the updates:
*New Pictures in the Aralissian Life section. Pages 3 and 4. Yup there's a recent pic of me there. Ugh.
*New section - Lyrically Lush. It's just a place where I put down lyrics I love, and talk a
little about why they are great lyrics. I have a lot of free time or something.
*Added a new section in the misc section of New Moon (courtesy of Felixie) - containers!
Click to check it out.
*In the Spells and Commands section - added some thief commands, kalakian and cymocian spells
to the priest spells page, ranger commands and draconian spells to the warrior page.
*Updated Hall Of Records, Aralissia, My Skills, General Info, and Top Mooners sections in New Moon.
*You might notice a few changes in text size and color around the site, especially in the New Moon section. I've had a
few complaints about the text being a little small/hard to read. So I fiddled a bit. Also added a description of the
different parts of the New Moon section on the main new moon page.
*(added a little later) I forgot to say that I also added 3 more pics of new mooners to the new moon pics page!

Vaporizers, Pipes and Hookahs from

This is a great site with not only great links to informative sites,
but awesome equipment for sale. There is also a program called "earn tokes" where you can exchange
tokes for some neat things. Highly recommended. (No I don't get paid for having this here lol :))

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