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Welcome To My Jennifer Aniston Site !!


10th September 2000

Welcome everyone to my newly constructed site dedicated to the most beautiful, stunning, sexy actress in the ever popular sitcom Friends, Jennifer Aniston. Well, since this is only my first update, there isn't a lot to talk about. So, basically now what you see on this site is all that I've added so please do re-visit my site for further updates. And please do feel free to e-mail me on any advise on how to improve my web designing skills. Until then, ciao.


13th September 2000

Well, I've finally updated my site for the second time. As you can see, now there is an article page now. It's basically on all the articles an interviews done on Jennifer Aniston in the last 10 years or so. And also please feel free to sign my guess book because so far only one person has signed it and that person is......... ME !!!! so, please sign my guess book okay. It's very encouraging to see some people writing there okay?? So, that's all for today, got to go get some sleep. So, good night and ciao. 


22nd October 2000

Well, it's been a long long time since I updated this site of mine and besides I didn't do that much. So, now you can listen to the radio through my site !! Cool huh? There's also a news board on Microsoft Windows which I will update frequently and that's about it. So, hope you still come to this site for further updates. Ciao


3rd November 2000

I'm back, and guess what? I just finished my major exams for form 3. It feels so good to be once again updating this site of mine. So, I think I'll be adding some photos to the photo gallery. Not that many though. And if your searching for Jennifer photos with Brad Pitt, I think I have a few in the gallery. There's also going to be a wallpaper page containing what else?......... Aniston wallpapers! Now you can switch on your computer and see Jennifer straight away! I've also added some new articles in you know where. And that's all that my hands allow me to do for today. Please look out for more updates from me. Ciao


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