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Chli Schlieren August 1998

Chli Schlieren was one of the highlights from my canyoningsummer of 1998. We were with a group of six friends, from which three came to late and got a speeding ticket on the way to Schlieren. Schlieren is a small town, 15 minutes from Luzern, and has one of the most crazy canyons from Switzerland to offer. Renowned because of it extreme slides, and his many jumps. Not to be done during bad wetter!


chli-schlieren2.jpg (40721 Byte)

chli-schlieren-abseil1.jpg (20962 Byte)

From left to right top: Oliver - Suzanne - Karel - Viola and me

One of the dry rappels Zwischbergen has to offer.

The most beautifull rappel from Chli Schlieren.
chli-schlieren-abseil3.jpg (17978 bytes) chli-schlieren-rutsch.jpg (103641 Byte) chli-schlieren-rutsch3.jpg (43668 Byte)
Same rappel different angle.

The second longest slide chli schlieren has to offer. Famous in the media because in the summer of '98 A.H. broke het back during this slide.

Same slide different angle...
chli-schlieren-rutsch4.jpg (16886 bytes) chli-schlieren-abseil2.jpg (34158 Byte)

chli-schlieren-long.jpg (60262 Byte)

The longest and most steep slide I ever did. 30 meters and more then 50 down.