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Riale   August 1998

In the Maggia valley in the neibourhood of Locarno, the Riale has a lot to offer...

riale.jpg (52135 Byte)

The entrance of the Riale...

riale7.jpg (51539 Byte)

riale1.jpg (111508 Byte)

Karel and me ready to slide and jump the first 7 meters waterfall

riale5.jpg (52149 Byte)

riale2.jpg (107894 Byte)

Karel, preparing the first 20m rappel in a tropical envirroment

riale6.jpg (53807 Byte)

Riale3.jpg (28679 Byte)

Just one look at the picturesque envirroment One of the many rappels

Riale4.jpg (46776 Byte)

Karel didn't want to get wet feet...