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Val Malvaglia   August 1999

It's always amazing to see, smell and feel the different mediterranean climate from Ticino, once you have crossed the Gotthard. Val Malvaglia is situated a few kilometers north from Biasca. The canyon is easy to find if you just follow the direction 'Val Malvaglia'. It takes approximately 30 minutes from Biasca to get at the entrance from the canyon, which is situated near the second old bridge crossing the Malvaglia. Which is the first bridge you really can see, as the first one is not that close to the road.

This canyon is devided in different parts. The first one takes 4-6 hours depending how big your group is. And the second part takes another 4-6 hours. We only did the first part, as we wanted to enjoy the beautifull nature surrounding us. Perhaps it was the weather, but this was definitly one of the most beautifull canyons from the southern part from Switzerland. The highest rappel is 30 meters, and it offers jumps from four untill ten meters.

The second and more difficult part of the canyon has a rappel from 80 meters, where you have to change ropes in between the rappel.



valmaglia1.jpg (34127 Byte) valmaglia9.jpg (33410 Byte) valmaglia2.jpg (36670 Byte)
The entrance is situated near the old bridge.
... Juan and me exploring the first waterfalls.
valmaglia3.jpg (26482 Byte) valmaglia6.jpg (34772 Byte) valmaglia5.jpg (43443 Byte)
A good wet rappel, going down 15 meters.
The combination of swimming, climbing, jumping and sliding are those things that made canyoning one off my favorit sports. ...
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Juan, it's not polite pointing your finger at someone. Behind Juan, one of the highest jumps from Val Malvaglia. Where are those stones?
valmaglia4.jpg (40275 Byte)
Just look at the landscape
valmaglia11.jpg (41957 Byte)
Juan - Me - Stephan