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Grimsel   June 1998

I did the Grimsel canyon in the summer of '98. It was my third canyon to discover, and still one of my favorits. Not because of the good slides and the jumps, but because of the impressive landscape. The granite rocks have a light green shine, and with the morningsun and fog, they look even more imposant. Not a very difficult canyon, with only one rappel from 50 meters to get in. And a few slides and jumps. At the end there is a superb ride on a rope seven meters above the water, where there is only one spot where you can drop yourself.


grimsel1.jpg (24581 bytes)

grimsel2.jpg (58762 Byte)

Juan, me, Karel and Thomas at the old Grimselpass just before entering.
The only rappel, a 50 meter dry rappel just to get into the canyon.

grimsel4.jpg (53306 Byte)

grimsel3.jpg (44546 Byte)

Juan, just before his slide in the freezing cold water.
Beautifull huge granite blocks are spread all over the canyon

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grimsel6.jpg (53293 Byte)

One of the best 'drop-slides'. A 7 meters jumps

grimsel5.jpg (42432 Byte)

grimsel8.jpg (41122 Byte)

A wild slide, which can be redone by climbing up again. A 15 mter ride on a rope with a 7 meter drop at the end. A lovely way to end the canyon.