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My reviewers and technical notes

NOTICE: The following procedure/reviewer contains here are all free and you can do whatever you want with it. But I do not guarantee success or support these actions. Any use of the information provided herein, is performed at your own risk. You should make a backup copy of your files prior to executing any of the following steps. Incorrect use of the instructions can cause serious problems that may require a complete reinstall of your operating system. I assumes no responsibility, expressed or implied, regarding the consequences of any action taken as a result of the information provided herein.

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How Do I Install the Lexmark™ X73 All-In-One Printer On System Running the Microsoft® Windows® XP Operating System?



To install the Lexmark X73 All-In-One printer onto your system running Windows XP, perform the following step:


Run the Lexmark X73 Setup

Prior to installing the Lexmark X73 drivers, you will need to temporarily disable any anti-virus software you may be currently running on your system. Refer to the Help files for your anti-virus software for instructions on disabling it. If you have Norton AntiVirus or McAfee VirusScan software and need information on disabling these programs, refer to Dell Knowledge Base Article:


Run the Lexmark X73 Setup

If you have already connected the USB cable to the computer, you will need to disconnect it in order to avoid any errors during the installation process.

To begin with the Lexmark X73 setup, perform the following steps:

1.       Insert the Lexmark CD into the CD drive.
The Windows XP Users - Read this First window appears.


Read the "Windows XP Users - Read this First" information carefully prior to continuing with the installation.


2.       After reading the contents of the Windows XP Users - Read this First advisory, click the Continue Anyway button.
The Lexmark Install Now window appears.

3.       Click the Install Now button.
The Lexmark X73 setup window appears with an image of the Lexmark X73.

4.       Click the Next button to begin the setup process.

5.       From the Choose Destination Location window, verify that the printer will be installed in the following location:
C:\Program Files\LexmarkX73

6.       Click the Next button to continue.
The Ready to Install window appears.

7.       Click the Next button to start the installation.
After the Sprint 4.0 setup is complete, the Lexmark X73 file folder opens automatically.
The folder will be automatically populated with several Lexmark files and programs.
Once complete, the Connect USB Port window appears.

8.       Physically connect the USB printer to the back of the computer.
The system will automatically detect the printer and will proceed with the installation process.
The installation program will automatically open and close several windows, including but not limited to the Windows Task Manager program.
Once the windows have been automatically closed, the Hardware Installation window appears.
You are prompted to Continue Anyway or Stop Installation.

9.       Click the Continue Anyway button in all instances where you are asked to select between these two options.
The installation process continues.
Small window messages or bubble messages appear at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
The text states that A new USB, Lexmark device was detected.

10.   Click the X button in the upper right hand corner of the bubble message to close it.
The Lexmark X73 window appears advising you to Press Continue Anyway on all Hardware Installation prompts that you receive.

11.   Click the OK button to continue.
The Hardware Installation window appears.

12.   Click the Continue Anyway button to proceed.
The Setup.... Copying Files window appears.
Progress of the setup process is shown.
The Lexmark X73 window appears and states To be sure that you are getting the highest print quality, you will need to align your print cartridges.

13.   Click the Continue button to begin the alignment process.
The Setup Complete window appears after the alignment is complete.

14.   Click Finish to complete the setup process.

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