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International Egyptians Personal Web Ring
         Hi and Welcome to the International Egyptians Personal Web Ring page, This Ring is Specially for the international and immigrated Egyptians Personal Home Page's,  you can join this ring withtout any fees, it's abseloutly FREE, Now if you want to add your site to the ring, you have to do 3 things:

 1- Complete the form at the bottum of the page, After I visit your site to verify it.
I will send you a confirmation email telling you that your site will be added to the ring. N.B: when you fill the form and you submit it, the server will give you a Site ID, and a Password. It's very important to write those information somewhere, because you will need them in step 3.

2- Once you got the confirmation, you have to copy/paste the HTML code of the ring in your web site.

N.B.: I will give you 1 week to put the HTML code in your site, after that delay, if you have not added the HTML code. I will remove you from the Ring. Because to make the ring work, each site should link the others. Otherwise the visitor will end he's surf in your site and that's not fair for the next ring site. For more help, you can visit the webring site,

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