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Camels in the UAE

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This page is part of my Term 6 Comp2242 - Engl2204 project. I had to find out about a specific subject and write about it.


The gift from God to the bedu was the camel . The relationship between people and the camel was more than now, so in the past the habitation of the desert would not have been possible . Moreever , in the past people used the camel to raise money .

People also took many useful things from the camel such as leather , meat and milk . The majority of   camels in the shaikhdoms were female , which all the bedu preferred for riding . Camel racing is a competitive traditional sport  in the UAE . Furthermore, the racing season begins in September and runs through most of the winter months ( April ) . Races with around 25 to 30 registered camels are classified according to their age –   and care is taken to ensure that very young camels are not entered . From the past until now we used special Arabia names for old and young camels . Such as we call the mother of a small camel Gahor , then we call it Hayel when the small camel becomes a little bit bigger . We have special name for the female camel when it carries an embryo (pregnant) which is Medni . We call the mother of a small camel  Ozoof . The small camel has a special name when they are up to two years old.The small camel has a special name when they become 2 years old until it becomes big , also we have these name for the male and femal camels which are.

Hewar for camel who is up to 1 year.

Fateem for a camel who is 2 years .

Haj for a camel who is 3 years .

Liggi for a camel who is 4 years .

Yethea for a camel who is 5 years .

Thani for a camel who is up 6 years .

Also we called the male Baeer that who is up 6 years , and Nagah for femal.



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