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    Hi there. Glad you found me. After all, I did all this for you. :) I am a Veterinary Technician by trade, and have been accumulating quite a load of bookmarks. If you are in the Veterinary profession as a Vet, Tech, assistant or practice manager, you WILL find something here that interests you. If you have a treasured pet, you will also find something you enjoy. There are now over 150 links in my Veterinary/Pet enthusiast section, and it is growing continually. If you want to add your url or if you know of a good addition, email me. Some of the links are still under construction, so I ask you to be patient and check back regularly. If you bookmark my page (thanks!) please refresh every time you visit as it is constantly changing. Enjoy!

    I have a whole other section to this web page which includes a bunch of general interest links. Trivia, contests, jokes, sports, a little about Newfoundland, etc. Click on the General Links paw to take you there.
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