In 1994,the AGBU Montreal had the vision to start the AGBU EDUC-AID program. The aim of the program then was , and it still is today, to help children in Armenia by sending them much needed supplies. Thanks to the continuing generous support and the faith in the program of friends like you, the materials that were sent have helped the education of thousands of students between 5 and 18.

  Recently, a delegation from AGBU Montreal visited Armenia and had the good fortune of seeing first hand some of the educational centers . It was truly an emotional and inspirational experience to witness the enormous achievements of the children in these centers, it was also gratifying to know that you and the Armenian community in Canada had contributed to the realization of these achievements.

  Much has been accomplished and yet there is so much to be done. More schools and children can do with the supplies that we are trying to provide. all this and the success of the program depends on your generous support and encouragement, your contribution will go a long way to helping young students in our fatherland fulfill their dreams and also make a positive difference in their lives.


The EDUC-AID Armenia program thanks you sincerely.