AGBU Montreal, A Brief History

  On February 14, 1957 a group of twenty-two Armenians attended a meeting called by Mr. Kerop Bedoukian and Khatchig Shiroyan. A month later on March 17, 1957, in one of the halls of YMCA another meeting adopted the motion thus founding the Montreal chapter of AGBU.

  From the first day of it's formation, the Montreal chapter preoccupied itself in the very important task of helping and assisting the Armenian families who arrived in Montreal from different countries.

  The 17th & 18th September, 1977 was historic and memorable for the lives of the AGBU Montreal chapter members. The inaugural ceremonies were held for the opening of Alex Manoogian center and the first stone was laid on the adjoining land for the AGBU Armen Quebec Alex Manoogian school. In it's 43 years of existence, the AGBU Montreal chapter had it's own importance in the life of the community, it is with pride and joy that we, the members look and see the chapter's growth and progress during the first four decades. 

  The AGBU Montreal chapter pursues many activities, they are organized  by different committees which help in keeping alive the Armenian heritage, culture and traditions. These activities would not be possible, had it not been for it's leaders, members. supporters and generous donators. We thank all the people involved in helping our great Organization  grow everyday. These people helped keep AGBU honor and flag high, in the past, present and will continue to do so in the new millennium.